• Bucket list
  • With lists come lists

    So, besides celebrating my little brother his birthday in my mom’s awesome oldschool blouse and eating loads of food (my God, things are going down, I need to find out what I need to get back on track and why I keep failing my ‘I’m gonna… ‘ plans) I’ve been working down my list. With […]

  • Journal
  • Cannibal date

    So, I cycled to the city this afternoon for a mini dinner date with a collegue after a day working on my financial check for the summer course. It seemed I also had a date with this handsome guy on the right. Not sure if he knew he was probably eating some other bird, but who […]

  • Fitness
  • Working it out

    Aaaaah, hahah. My abs are in pain. But that’s ok. Glad I finally got my ass in the gym again (: Fueled myself up with my mom’s ayam & bakwan before I went, also known as delicious veggie cookies ^^ Pfoe, I’m really tired. I worked, cycled and did a workout today, but it feels […]