• Bucket list
  • To choose or not to choose

      Postponed some things this week. During the week I noticed I just had to clear my schedule for that’s what’s most important first: le body & le mind. In a slightly different way than what I did the last weeks, meaning working out and eating healthy. Still do that, but chose to cut a […]

  • Journal
  • It starts with ourselves

    The last couple of weeks I realize more often that I start to recognize the moment better when to take a rest, resulting in a couple of posts a week instead of every day, experiencing that is fine too. I still need to make myself a schedule to make it less irregular making my blog […]

  • Fitness
  • Recipe for Monday

    You work the whole week, plan every social activity in on the evenings after working days and do all the rest you have to do the night before another working day. I guarantee you, mix it all together and you’ve got that lovely Monday morning you’ve always wanted to bake. Hmmm, something tells me I […]