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  • Getting ready for take off!

    So after a weekend of working at Baroeg Open Air with the most awesome people and chilling with my lovely friends it finally time to go! This morning my personal squad dropped me off at the airport and my team of mommie’s all over the places called me, messaged me and hugged me (the real […]

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  • Cannibal date

    So, I cycled to the city this afternoon for a mini dinner date with a collegue after a day working on my financial check for the summer course. It seemed I also had a date with this handsome guy on the right. Not sure if he knew he was probably eating some other bird, but who […]

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  • Wild weekend of electronic wonders

    Aaah.. Nothing’s more relaxing than a hot shower and a homemade lemper (I wouldn’t be me without a snack) after a festival weekend. Festivals always tend to make me feel a bit nasty, you know. That’s right, I’m back from We Are Electric, wild weekend of electronic wonders! I had no opportunity to charge my phone […]

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  • To gormandize or not to gormandize

    So here’s my update on yesterday. Woke up early for a 2h workout at the gym and then went off to the food festival I mentioned thursday, which I will tell you about. After the festival I visited my friends band practise and ended the evening at her place watching World War Z and some […]