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  • Aspiration game

    Being better and improving ourselves are things we live by, especially the 20-something generation the guests at the 20-something dilemma: Starting professional or Intern talk called lost today in Amsterdam. Despite these talks being absolutely interesting they didn’t bring the audience much more than they already know: the job dilemma is real and an underrated […]

  • Bucket list
  • The right incentives

    Them legs, laaawwd. It’s been over more than a week that I last saw the walls on the INSIDE of the gym. After rethinking and observing what I need to be motivated it seems I’ve been looking for bigger things than needed. The things I need are easily noticeable and apparently small. The last few […]

  • Bucket list
  • With lists come lists

    So, besides celebrating my little brother his birthday in my mom’s awesome oldschool blouse and eating loads of food (my God, things are going down, I need to find out what I need to get back on track and why I keep failing my ‘I’m gonna… ‘ plans) I’ve been working down my list. With […]

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  • A Friday in Fall

    Bleh, if there is one season I don’t dig it is fall. The rain, the cold, the strong winds.. The days darken early and it has a depressing kind of vibe. I traded my bicycle for public transport and secretly save my energy slowpoke style while wandering around the house in onesies and vests on […]

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  • Map my mind

    Munching a blue cheese-burger from Hudson into my tummy my friend and I started talking about oh god no, there it is, yes, the future. And now I’ve created an instant nope fest in my mind. Jobs, school, money.. really. Even though I know I’ll be just fine there is once more no denying that […]