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  • Last-minute citytrip to Vienna, City of Music

    Last month I went on a last-minute citytrip to Vienna. With the thought “why not?” I accepted an invitation to visit the show of black metalband Wederganger at the Grelle Forelle in the centre of Vienna, city of Music. #lastminute #minischnitzi #Wienerganger tag along with #wederganger to #Vienna #travel #traveling #travellife #travellight #music #metal #metalmusic […]

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  • Life under construction

    So many things I’m working on lately😱 At least half of them all have to do with music❤ A friend and I went to see one of the bands I’ll be working with in the future and had the pleasure to see another band we know well. Starting from the beginning again with this and […]

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  • Cannibal date

    So, I cycled to the city this afternoon for a mini dinner date with a collegue after a day working on my financial check for the summer course. It seemed I also had a date with this handsome guy on the right. Not sure if he knew he was probably eating some other bird, but who […]