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  • Last-minute citytrip to Vienna, City of Music

    Last month I went on a last-minute citytrip to Vienna. With the thought “why not?” I accepted an invitation to visit the show of black metalband Wederganger at the Grelle Forelle in the centre of Vienna, city of Music. #lastminute #minischnitzi #Wienerganger tag along with #wederganger to #Vienna #travel #traveling #travellife #travellight #music #metal #metalmusic […]

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  • Getting ready for take off!

    So after a weekend of working at Baroeg Open Air with the most awesome people and chilling with my lovely friends it finally time to go! This morning my personal squad dropped me off at the airport and my team of mommie’s all over the places called me, messaged me and hugged me (the real […]

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  • Serious request

    Help. I’m stuck. Existential crisis upcoming related to business. I need someone who can help me focus without limiting myself, asks the right questions and can provide eye openers with that. The main theme: what do I really want? As for now it seems I want so much and do everything that’s coming my way, […]

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  • 1 out of 5..

    So! Had a great afternoon at a birthday (: Lot’s of chitchat and serious talks about the future. Some collegues and I were also making plans for maybe moving out together. “Getting myself a new place” is still being worked on, but it doesn’t go as fast as I had hoped for! Oh, well, it’s […]