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  • Why Pilates is my newest challenge

    I’m back in ‘fitland’ and this time with Pilates! It’s been a quiet week on my blog unfortunately. I had a lot of fuzz going on, but nothing a soul can’t bear. Just some typical stress and bad luck. You know.. Getting stuck between doors, food falling on the ground (the pain!) and fatigue. Long […]

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  • When the boys make fun of you

    I was so happy I dragged my ass to the gym in this rainy weather tonight. So proud of myself I worked out! And then.. Mo: *proudly sends picture to bf I mean who doesn’t love someone telling you’re doing good, right?🙈 Bf: *sends back a cropped picture zoomed in on my armpit, laughing his […]

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  • Faces of victory

    This is what faces of victory look like! Did we struggle a bit last week, today my brother and I finished all circuits without skipping exercises! Look how happy we are 💃 I’m really proud of my brother for putting through. I believe we set something in motion at the gym too :’) Remember I […]