1 out of 5..

So! Had a great afternoon at a birthday (: Lot’s of chitchat and serious talks about the future. Some collegues and I were also making plans for maybe moving out together. “Getting myself a new place” is still being worked on, but it doesn’t go as fast as I had hoped for! Oh, well, it’s better not to rush.

I also had a little convo about Australia. A collegue of IMG_20150809_221626mine has been there and told about some places I should really visit and activities I should really do. Besides that she also had some tips and tricks, which might come in handy ^^
And ofcourse I had to ask.. Snakes. What about the snakes? The only thing I fear most :$
Luckily she hadn’t see one in the 9 months she had been there, so that gives me some good hope. Although she distroyed that with this wonderful fact:
1 out of 5 houses has a snake on the roof.
Thank you >.< Now I have a 20% chance of facing my fear. It must be striped of the list one day, so yeah, maybe I’m in luck! *coughs

When I cycled home I realized once again how small I am and how big the world is, watching all those tall buildings reflecting the sun going down.
A view I enjoy everytime.

Off to sleep now. Got to get up in 5 hours for work, followed by a financial check and Cannibal Corpse! Sleep is for the weak, right? *yaawn




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