10 things to keep in mind when going for a curly haircut


After 4 years of the Curly Girl method and looking for the right haircuts, hairdressers and what not I think I can now finally say I am absolutely experienced enough to write down the things you should look for in choosing your hairdresser. And believe me I’ve actually put it to the test and in hindsight, left with a horrible curly haircut here and there.

Mind you not always the fault of the hairdresser. Sometimes a certain way of cutting just doesn’t cut it for your curls! Here are 10 things to keep in mind when going for a curly haircut: red flags and knowing things that help.

10 things to keep in mind when going for a curly haircut

Thinning sheers and slicing made me lose my curly waves

  1. When they don’t take your words seriously, you know your hair. They know their job, but it still is your hair. Just say you’re ok being responsible for it yourself. I’ve heard girls being laughed at by a hairdresser because they wish to handle their hair Curly Girl proof. Auch. When you walk in the right salon they will acknowledge no one knows your hair better then you.
  2. When the razor/slicing shears pop out. If you love your curls dearly I suggest you run, forest, run. At least, that is if you have hair like I do, which is not incredibly thick. So I had nothing left. This way I actually lost my curly waves. And it took a ‘repair’ cut from another hairdresser to get it back curling after growing it out. Sometimes your hair needs to adjust a few days to a cut, but this absolutely wasn’t the case. Good chances are your strands struggle to form a clump. No hard feelings towards the hairdresser, but now out of experience I know I’ll never OK it a 2nd time.
  3. When the salon says cutting straight hair is no different from cutting curly hair. Yeah ,well goodbye. Although there might be absolute different ways to cut curly hair and a ‘regular cut’ might do the trick for you, there’s definitely a difference. Hello, you’re structure is completely different. Find yourself a hairdresser that understands you or is willing to and understands how curly hair works. That does not mean a ‘regular’ hairdresser doesn’t know what to do. When they’re pro they know what they are doing and they’ll do it together with you.
  4. When the answer to everything is ‘layers’, even when you’re sure that’s not it… This is a good tip from my own favorite hairdresser. Just cutting layers is not the only way to give you the best curly haircut that suits you.
  5. When they say sulfates are good for your hair. Sure, like alcohol is to my liver and smoking to my lungs, and oh sulfates to my skin. Run babe/dude! Luckily it’s even a little out fashioned these days.
  6. When the blow-dryer heat is so high you’re sure it is your hair that smells like BBQ. Or they want to straighten it even extra afterwards. Yes, I’ve experienced it. I wish that did not happen, but it did :’). This is not just about looking for a curly hairdresser or anything. This is basics, don’t let a hairdresser burn your hair or your scalp for that matter. It makes my eyes water even thinking about the nozzle less blow-dryer that just directly touched my hair with full heat.
  7. Just because a hairdresser knows the technique does not mean he or she will use it right. And some hairdressers don’t know the technique but know exactly know how your hair works and are able to cut it right without actually knowing a certain known curly haircut technique but on experience.
    For instance: with Curlsys (wet cut) and Global Curl (dry cut) they cut ‘C’s’ in your hair. With dry hair it’s easier to see than wet, but a true professional knows which way to cut. It one time happened to me that my strands were cut it the wrong direction. Result: my hair didn’t know which way to curl anymore, so it just didn’t :’)
  8. Get to know the techniques yourself! If you hate thinner points then don’t ask for thinning or beware for instance that ‘C’-cutting, or cutting the frizz between the curls, might thin up your strands and ends more than a Deva cut, which is a straight cut. Also if you get a dry cut, like a Deva cut, but you wear your hair straight a lot of the time… Well, you can’t blame your hairdresser then if it doesn’t look to well. There’s no harm in seeking for advice first and tell the hairdresser how you style it everyday. It should be a perfect fit 🙂 Also come in with your hair as is advised. So not wet hair for a dry cut or unstyled hair when styled hair is asked for.
  9. The best thing you can get is when a hairdresser truthfully tells you they can’t make something happen for you. Maybe you either expect too much or they just know they don’t have that kind of experience in cutting curls while they do excel in coloring hair for instance.
  10. If you find her/him. Never let her or him go. I’ve changed many times for the sake of trying different techniques, but ehm… If you found that one person who does it the way you like it every time. Hold on to that person very tight <3. So don’t be cheap too if you expect something done well. I for instance hold on tightly to Morango Curls and only let them go when I choose to wear my hair straight for a longer period of time.
My hair now

What are your red flags or things you think every Curly girl should know herself before blaming it on a hairdresser?

I’ve tested many things over the years, like products. Find more on things I’ve tried for my curly hair here.


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