12, twelve, twaalf, duabelas, douze, zwölf


Just 12 days left till take off! Whoaaa, I’m so excited! Somehow now it’s so close it feels as if it’s all going so fast! I’m actually starting to doubt myself. Did I really arrange everything properly? Should I not plan more?
I notice there’s some healthy dose of fear running in my body, making me alert for the trip to come.
I’m making my last checklists and are going to buy me a travel bag to protect my backpack during the flight tomorrow.
I’m also aware of people wanting to see me before I leave. I haven’t got enough time to see all of them, because I have got my last days planned with work, but it feels wonderful to know so many people are so happy for me, like truly happy for me and support me to do this for myself (:
Thank you

I also just thought of something else I want to do tomorrow. It’s perfect for my trip, something that’s happening right now and it’s on my list!
I’ll let you know tomorrow if I succeeded!

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