2nd day hair idea: straight / blowout look (no heat!)


A blowout for curly hair. Is that even possible? Curly Girls aren’t supposed to use heat or even brush their curls right?

Make the most of your 2nd-4rd-day hair with a Denman brush by defying one of the most important CG laws: thou shall not brush their hair. Yes, it’s possible if you have type 2 hair!

It’s true, you can’t just start brushing your hair and be done with it. Brushing your hair and just letting it dry up either. How many times my mom still urges me to brush my hair. And how many times you just want a permanent meme on top of your for head saying “One does not simply brush curly hair” or “It’s not that simple!”



But! There is a way! On the 2nd, 3rd or 4th day most type 2 curlies have the issue of their curls sagging out, even finding straight pieces here and there. What to do?! You think. You either start with completely refreshing it with water or your favorite styler, decide it’s wash day or it goes up in the ponytail or bun… When you’re up for it you might even think about finding a cute hairstyle to wear that day: clips? Half updo?

I’ve got you an extra 2nd-day hair idea: a blowout effect!

Since your curls are already sagging and your type 2 hair is the easiest to swing (straight or curly, us lucky girls!) it’s an easy step to take. But how? You think. When your 3rd-day hair looks as much as a crows nest as mine, which is pretty messy: don’t worry. Doing it the right way it IS brushable dry.

What do you need?

A Denman brush (D3)
A clip to hold your hair
If needed, pea size or gel for frizzies and flyaways

Wow, that looks ridiculously easy, right? No extra stylers to add.

Section your hair. Make sure to work with the bottom layer and set the rest of the hair with the clip.

Get a small string of hair, depending on the thickness of your hair of course and hold the brush at the end. Softly smooth it out in one movement, then do the top. Make sure the brush is underneath, not above!

If you’ve done that, hold the piece of hair at the upper half. If you look closely you see which way your hair wants to curl. Twist it that way and work your way to the next.

Do this until you have had all your hair!

Because you have already a bit of styling product in your hair, you don’t need to add extra, especially because you’re working on dry hair. The only thing you’re doing is smoothing out every natural curl and twist it again. This way you get soft curls that look like you’ve had a blowout, but without the damage! If you have frizzies, flyaways or baby hairs, smooth them with a tiny amount of gel to hold them in place.

Be sure to smooth it gently to prevent pulling and knots, when brushing. If you’re used to using a Denman brush on wet hair for styling, you’ll see the technique is pretty much the same.

To help you out I’ve come to the rescue with some visual aid:

My hair is ready for another day before it’s washing day! <3

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