36 hours

FinallIMG_20150731_232923y home! I’ve been up for a while now. I’ve seen the sun rise, set, rise and set again (yes, I should definitely get some sleep), busy doing fun stuff with new and old friends.
‘Going out with people I don’t know’ CHECK.
Well it was a party yesterday, did not went ‘out’, but it counts for me, because I met loads of new people. From sundown until sunrise I danced and talked, drank and laughed. I have a collegue to thank for that, she invited me over (: I’m actually really grateful she did, I really enjoyed myself.

Right after this party I went on my way to an appointment and later today I met up with friends, listening to music, eating together and visiting the Euromast. So besides the lack of sleep I had two wonderful days and night!
My bed is calling my name, so I better not let it down <3

X Goodnight


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