5 reasons why you might be binge eating

Everybody sweat now! Food for thought:

I’m not a health freak, not at all. It’s more likely you’ll catch me stuffing my face with chocolate, icecream or a delicious keylime pie. Man, do I love food. People who know me can confirm the kitchen is my empire and my happy place, but beside that food can also be my copingmechanism when emotional. Yes, that is stuffing my face with comfortfood like chocolate.

Any of you familiar with this and thought about the reasons of binge eating?


Yinling and I are sometimes joking about becoming a Victoria Secret model for our bucket list. Smize, baby, smize!
One of my goals on my bucket list is to get a healthy weight and I’m well on the way achieving this. Within 3 months I’ve already lost 10 kg!My first step was to lose the binge habit and exercise regularly. [21-04-2015]

At the gym

It is said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, but ofcourse that’s different for every person. For instance I still have the urge to binge once in a while, but that’s ok! I also like to skipp a day of fitness sometimes, as long as I go the next time it’s ok.
The thing is: you can’t unlearn old skills, but you can learn new ones and decide which one you put to act. The more often you use and practise, the more you’ll get used to them. I know there are people busy with their body and eating habits every day. To those people who are trying: do not give up when you have a moment of weakness and you feel like you have devoured the whole pantry. Just remember you are still learning your new skills and just not there yet. No one’s perfect and gets it right in one go. Continue where you left off the minute after your binge without regretting it too much. Better next time, you are already aware of it.

Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next succes.

Why do I tell you not to regret it? First of all trying to live a healthy lifestyle does not mean you cannot enjoy a snack! So when you eat some chocolate or pie enjoy! It’s not a crime. Second: when you start feeling guilty and you are an emotional eater it is presumable you’ll only eat more or think: what the hell, I’ve already started eating, I can just as well go on. In addition you’ll propably lose any motivation because you don’t feel strong enough to accomplish the goal you’ve set for yourself and give up (while mistakes are there to be made!).
Like I wrote in my first post: change what you can change and accept what you can’t change and know the difference between them.
When you had your binge you cannot turn it arround, but you can change some things to prevent the next one!

So what can you possibly do? I’ll write down what works for me. Remember everyone is different, but know you vulnerabilities and you can already do a lot! So map your vulnerabilities and solutions and keep them in sight. Why? So you don’t have to think about what to do when you are about to have a binge, it’s all there written down for you.

Here are 5 reasons binge eating might be caused by:

1. Fatigue
Ever wondered why most people crave a snack at night, why you have the feeling you’re hungry? Most of the time you’re just tired and your body is trying to tell you, you need some sleep. It happens a lot I don’t recognize the diffence between tiredness and hunger. The moment you start eating you’ll have energy again, but for a short period of time. So keep in mind when you’re out looking for food in every cabinet at night that it may be your body telling you: go get some rest!

2. Boredom
I hear this a lot and yes, it happens to me too! I know that when I’m alone I’m more likely to binge than when I’m busy or in good company. Alone? Nothing to do? It might just help to text a friend, go out or distract yourself with something you love to do. Maybe even exercise?

3. Triggerfoods
Some people have them, some people don’t. I do. It can happen that when you eat your triggerfood you’ll get emotional with munching more of it as an aftereffect. Keeping them out of sight or limit the amount or frequency might be a solution.

4. Not eating enough.
So if you’re sure you’re not tired, but hungry at night, what does that mean? It could mean you haven’t eaten enough during the day and we all know a bag of chips can dissappear like magic when watching that extremely exiting and jaw dropping episode of your favorite TV series.

5. Stress.
Try to relax sometimes to stay in control of your emotions. Stressed spelled backwards says desserts, right?


Finally, I make fitness more fun by going with a friend and keep in mind that the only workouts I’ll regret are the ones I didn’t do!

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