6 tips to get through the day when you feel unhappy


“I can’t get myself to do anything”, a horrible, but recognizable feeling. This thought can come with depression, anxiety, burnout or when you’re going through a rough time in general. Because I know all to well how it sucks to have an off-day, week, month or year I’m happy to share with you 6 tips that can help you to get through the day when you feel a little depressed.

The feeling of content and competence almost everytime follows during or after trying an activity, so sometimes you have to bring to mind motivation sparks after putting yourself to do something after which you feel you can do things more often. Unfortunately you can’t wait for your motivation to come along out of nowhere after which you will feel ready to go out. This is why I always can’t stress enough to myself that I’m the one who can create my own motivation. I just need to stop on time before it drains my energy.

1. Be with a friend
A friend, a parent, someone you just know. There’s always someone around who accepts who you are and the state you are in. You don’t have to pretend to be anything and have some good company. Who says bad days are the ones you have to go through alone? If you have the energy to be around someone or think you need the positive energy that someone can give you then be with that person for a day of a couple of hours. Talking about nothing, not talking or talking about complete utter bs can be a nice distraction!
But what if I can’t put myself to go outside? Let your friend or parent pick you up or invite someone over at your place. Best tip I had a while ago. Being with a friend doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the one who has to go out. Your friend can help to get through the day!

2. Do the thing that always gives you energy
Is it a hobby? Is it going somewhere? It’s hard to start at something you used to feel a lot of joy for, but not anymore. But if you remember what I wrote about motivation you might feel the joy when you try it anyway. If you don’t, don’t sweat it! There might be something else for you that you haven’t found yet. At least give yourself the credits for trying!
Singing and listening to music is one of my things that can take my mind of things, just like the company of a friend. Meditation as well, but it can be completely your thing and doesn’t have to be serious at all. Is Netflix your way to go? Walking? Putting on makeup? Watching cats on the interwebs? Do your thing and pick 15 minutes or a couple of hours, as long as you feel comfortable to do it.

3. Write down the little things you think you did well today and praise yourself for it!
Did you get out of bed, while you normally couldn’t? You might thinnk it ain’t special. Every normal person gets out of bed everyday, right? But for you it might be a huge deal. It might took you a lot of strenght to do and leave that comfort zone. Good for you, and be proud that you did! Every step is one.

4. Set little goals for yourself
Structure is good! Get in a rythm and schedule your days with tasks you can handle. Might be as small as you like. I promise you when you do something it feels just as good as crossing of something of your bucket list. “I did it!” Victory!

5. Spoil yourself
My ultimate spoil treat is a massage. What is yours? What do you think of when you’re asked: what would you do if you’d have to be kind to yourself today?

6. Have that good cry!
Sob, roll around, sigh and think to yourself: who doesn’t like a good cry from time to time? You don’t have to pretend to be positive all day! When the moment sucks, it sucks. Thinking more positively? If you could, you would. You’re not waiting for that advice, but I can tell you it’s easier to do when you let go the tension in your body. And when you feel that you can say to yourself “Aaah, now I have a bit more room to feel the positive!” and when you think it, you probably will.

There’s so many things you can do to get through the day or better your situation. These are just 6 tips I have for you now. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below to share with me all your tips and experiences! I’ll write new articles from time to time with more tips and stories to relate to (:


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