A cup of tea makes everything better

Weird course of the day today. I spend my day in my onesie and wool slippers working on my thesis proposal until dinner, whoops ?


I did make it to the gym afterwards, though. As if my whole day had turned around I felt like I was finally waking up.
And now.. Now my legs have died :’)
Now it is time for some spicy tea and watching a series before I go to sleep.
I did a lot, but still feel like I haven’t!
I believe sitting behind my laptop the whole days wears me out more than when I’m moving around all day, but I’m doing really good being disciplined. Done everything I needed to do today, besides changing out of my onesie then.
Yeah, I deserved this cuppa tea ?


4 Replies to “A cup of tea makes everything better”

  1. You can’t beat s nice cup of tea. I love your teapot.

    1. I see you drink lot’s of tea! Definitely gonna check out your blog (:

      1. I certainly do. I hope you like my tea reviews ?.

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