A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tse

20150623_213128Today I said goodbye to another person in my training group. It’s remarkable how much she has changed for the better and how much I have learned during our period together in training. As a goodbye gift she made me and others a drawing, which is very personal to her. I can relate as art made for others is very personal for me too. It’s a portrait of me with a message on the back wishing me all the best and fun in Australia (which reminds me I have to take care of my visa and transportation, I’ll leave in less than 4 months!) and telling me she’s just as proud of me for my developments she has seen in this self-improving training. I won’t go in to detail (yet) about it, since this also is very personal, but it teaches me and others a lot with mindfulness (yes! that’s where all my talking about mindfulness comes from) as it’s fundament. When she gave me the picture I noticed I was deeply moved by this gesture. Kind words and effort in things given to me can do so much for me. I really cherish these kind of things and so I’ve put the portrait in the 20150623_213855frame with the postcard from my favourite psychologist. On it is written the most important line in my daily life, the line that I’ve written in my very first blogpost:

Change what you can change
Accept what you cannot change
and know the difference between them

This mindfulness thing is getting me places and so now you know a bit why it’s so important to me. It helps me daily, and today it was a great tool to keep my calm before my intake of the Summer Entrepreneur. Yes, that was today and guess what! Within 10 days I’ll be starting the course that will lay a base for my graduation next year. The man who did the intake seemed really enthusiastic about my ideas and told me I’m a inspired person. I can still feel the joy of that moment.

So, there was only one way to end this exciting day: with my mom’s soto mie. Tension is normally a trigger to binge, but luckily I know this and luckily soto is a healthy dish too! Yummm…


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