A minor change is still a change and to be grateful for

Home at last! Migraines we’re kicking my ass today, but I’m glad I went to the last day of the summer course I’ve been doing. To be honest not so much for myself anymore, but a bit in the spirit to support the others.
I made the choice last week that I had reached the point where I had learned my most important lesson and that it was that for the moment.
Rest had become my first priority and I had something to think about. Remember my post on learning how to focus and getting to know what it is I really want? Well, that is what I decided to take on and leave my plan for a while until I am sure of what I really need and want for myself.
It seems like I’ve made just a minor change during this period, but a minor change is still a change and for me this happens to be a very important one in the process of personal growth and also in entrepreneurship. So that’s ok.
Sometimes what we expect, is not what we need and apparently I need to go over this aspect for myself a bit longer (so it did come as a surprise to me today that the panel thought my ideas belonged to the top 5, but it’s good to know that I do not have to scratch everything for some ideas are appreciated).

Nonetheless I had a really fun time during this course with all the participants. Something I value even more! Having fun in everything I do, is what makes things so wonderful to me.
I left early this evening to take care of myself, but I realized I hadn’t thanked everyone yet, so here’s to you, fellow participants and coaches, for I really, really, appreciate the help that’s been given (:



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