A short recap on my first time fasting

Bit later than promised, but here is my post about my first time fasting! Last night I said goodbye to someone (I’ll miss you!), so I decided to write the blogpost today.

For the ones who didn’t catch why my colleague and I were fasting together for a day: we were dared to try it for a day and if we would make it through, we’d win dinner.
And so we did!


You heard that right! Myhrre, my colleague, and I didn’t eat and drink from 3.22 am until 10.08 pm, while our challenger followed us closely.
We had set our alarms at 2 am to eat our last meal and drink our last bottle of water and said goodnight afterwards.
My day started at 7 am, waking up for work. At first I was a bit nauseous as always when I skip breakfast, but that lasted for maybe 10 minutes and from there it all went fine.
It was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. A slight headache came up at the end of the day, but I wasn’t really hungy or thirsty. Somehow when your mind is set to the idea that eating or drinking is not an option, your body and mind make peace with that. I did get tired though. Allthough there’s enough fat on my butt, you suddenly realize where your energy is coming from.
You also become aware of your daily routines: how easily you’d normally grab a little snack or fill up your glass with water or when you’d normally be drinking coffee or smoke a cigarette because they are part of your daily routine.
I also noticed my smell was better than usual. When I had a break, which by the way was a nice siësta of half an hour, because I had nothing else to do, I suddenly noticed how sweet the banana of a coworker smelled. Normally I wouldn’t smell that!
The only thing that was really annoying was trying to get home. It took me over 2 hours to get home. I got stuck on that beautiful bridge of ours. A tram with a defect apparently got in the way and none of the other trams could pass it.
So after a while we could finally get off. I walked off the bridge and took a detour to get home! I really had no energy left for somehing like this.



Despite some colleagues who thought we wouldn’t make it, because it was our first time, we did make it! Myhrre picked me up at 9.45 pm and we had dinner together at Hung Kee’s, thanks to our sweetest and proud challenger. Thanks a lot, our bellies were so happy!
We were warned not to eat to much for our stomachs might not handle it, but as you can see there was no such thing :’)


Within an hour we devoured our whole meal!

It is the first time I made a vlog too! For as far it counts as one one :’)


My ‘last’ meal


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  1. Thanks! It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m just used to certain things. Some I might not even really “need”. I can imagine it to be a lot tougher though to do this for 30 days!

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