“I’m off balance and that is fine!”- Why it’s okay to speak about mental health

mental health

For a while now I’ve been deliberating with myself: will I? won’t I? Writing about personal processes has always helped me before when it comes to finding balance in my body, mental peace or career. I see everything as a learning process and nothing out of the ordinary.

Then why I’ve been in doubt or withholding this time? Why, this time, it’s harder? Is it an insecurity? In a certain way, yes, it is, but I’ve made peace with matters of the mind years ago. Hell, I preach for openness when it comes to a balanced mind. Then why now are you so cryptic, one might ask.

The fears of getting personal

Getting personal might open or close doors to hearts, and I don’t have to tell anyone who’s had their share of issues with ‘mental health’ (sounds so dirty and heavy right, but it doesn’t have to be) that it’s hard to explain yourself to the outside world, because in some cases mental health still isn’t an openly discussed topic. However, I know it is in certain circles, it still feels dangerous to talk about it in public with a view to career. Though this dirty word has only everything to do with feeling comfortable in your own skin and having knowledge about how you work with your strongest tool in life: your mind.

When it comes to friendships and everything not work-related I see beautiful conversations with people helping one another, speaking openly and most importantly a sense of understanding. When it comes to career, however, we always have in mind that sickness of any kind, even if it isn’t of influence on a function, may be seen as a liability and something costly! Of course, these are presumptions and no doubt, the right employer will find you suitable for a job based on your qualities.

You be you

But most of all I remind myself many times every day (yes, every day!) that I don’t have to be afraid to be myself and if someone else would be afraid of ‘me’, that will be his or her fear. I’ve always liked to be transparent about who I am and what I love, and I love someone else for it if they do! I believe you should be you. Everyone at some point has a storm in their life. Whether it is one huge storm or a couple, that’s what makes it life. You get through it, learn a bunch and face the next. They will always lie down and bring beautiful new things with them.

A topic fit for discussion

Let’s just call it a dip! We’re all familiar with that. Those moments in your life when you’re not in balance and I’m ready to say:  “I’m off balance and that’s fine!” Actually, the reason people think about not speaking about their dips is exactly why people should talk about it! You don’t have to lay down your problems, but we can all start to accept these things are real and natural and therefore perfectly normal to talk about (: And I believe there’s nothing stronger or braver than those of you who challenge your minds every day and dare to work on balance and change.


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