About Mo’s Wanderlist

My blog

Mo’s Wanderlist is my personal lifestyle blog about my journey to complete my bucket list, travel, food, fitness, mindfulness and the daily struggles of a 20-something! Life is a never ending learning curve and anything but fancy and fabulous. This Rotterdam based blogger is everything but your super fit girl and fashionable beauty blogger. Fitness is fun, but never without struggle! And seriously: how do you not sneeze when you put on mascara?

So nothing fancy and fabulous, but fun and beautiful. I try to make every day a special day, every challenge a special challenge. Trying is the keyword here, like I imagine it is for all of us!

  • Indo-Dutchie (peanut is what they call it here)
  • Rotterdam based
  • Following dreams bigger than my head
  • Music lover and supporter (extra love for metal & SUBMIT Fest)
  • Fitnesses to eat all that is sugary and fat
  • Always in for a new challenge
  • Finding out life as she goes with mindfulness
  • Curly Girl in search of the perfect curls!

Who I am

Marketeer and Event Manager for business events and music industry. I have a weakness for metal music, but also love soul, blues and jazz. I keep a bucket list and regularly make changes to keep it fit to my needs and personal growth as well as to keep track of any dreams I have. Mindfulness and psychology are big parts of my daily life and something I think everyone should have access to! You don’t need to be off the rail to care for your mental health. I actually believe it’s something we all could pay more attention to. With mind comes also your body and so fitness and food (which I looooove!!) are always subjects of interest in my daily life.
Besides that I love to travel, because nothing can make you appreciate the world more than experiencing it’s beauty and it’s people. I love to listen to peoples stories and follow what they do. I also believe stories are more real when you hear about the struggle before the success. What makes a story perfect are it’s imperfections and the way it has grown. Photography and creating content fit with all these interest perfectly with telling stories and also belongs to one of my hobbies.

Why I write what I write

The reason I blog is because I never stop learning and I, like you, am just a regular person as well with normal struggles the average person experiences. If in any way my blog can help you relate, feel better or make you feel like you might learned something from my and others experiences, then I’m happy.
On my personal lifestyle blog you won’t find just a niche on travel, curly hair or bucket listing, because I started blogging in the first place to amplify my quality of life and a big part of it we learn to accept ourselves as we are and therefore I love to share and display things that interest me or are part of me. And I love for you to share with me as well what keeps you busy at day or up at night! Feel free to open conversation <3

Life is a neverending learning curve, or as Keith Richards says it: “You’re not really grown up until you die.”

Do you have a story to tell? Or would you like to work together? Feel free to contact me.