Accepting all that comes by chance (?)

Don’t know why, but sometimes just as negative things seem to accumulate good things do to. You can happen to see them or you make it happen to see them 😉 As for today I could say it was just another working day or one like that, but with full of chances.
I met my namesake again today, who I met before when I did my summer course. This course may not have brought me what I thought it would, but brought me in contact with this person who shares similar interests and lives by the phrases: follow your highest exitement. Funny thing is I also met her friend who I read about just yesterday in a newspaper.
Reading her story made me think about not thinking too hard, like my bf calls it, and to just do. This woman had the courage to let certain things go on which we rely for security such as money to follow her dream to organize a spiritual event. Meeting her at work I asked her how she felt after doing such a scary, impressive and radical thing. ‘Powerful’ was her answer, explaining that sometimes you just need to DO instead of be scared of whats to come. Sounds like advice that could apply to me, heah? Once you do it, you’ll feel there is nothing to be afraid of after all. So it’s all probably not as bad as you think it will be. Decisiveness once again is back on my ‘work at’ list.
Meeting these two led to me being invited to one of their events. And just as accepting the negative that crosses my path from time to time I’ll also accept this opportunity and just DO it. Who’ll know what will come from it next? (:

Besides this encounter I also met an old friend I’d actually never thought I’d see again. We clicked instantly and both are sure about seeing eachother again.

With both it wouldn’t be a chance and opportunity if I didn’t make them. In both situations I decided to speak, to ask and start a conversation. If not, I guess it would have been just another working day.

2 thoughts on “Accepting all that comes by chance (?)”

  1. All so true Mo. We all make our own luck and the smallest things always help. Like you starting those conversations, or perhaps opening the door for someone, giving up a seat for another person, even a ‘good morning’ for no reason other than just to brighten someones day. These little things are what make our world a brighter and more optimistic place I think.

    Whoops. End of sermon, sorry to go on a bit but its one of those things I feel a little strongly about. Glad you had a good day.

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