My active fitness journey: month 2, I feel the progress


November has ended and we launched into December. If that’s not a month people start thinking about their health, fitness and the things they eat besides January :’)

Luckily for me I have to think about it all the time now, because I need the exercise more then ever to gain new levels of healthy energy.

Last month I wrote about how I swapped my walking for my active fitness journey and here I am updating on that journey.

A small recap

When I started in October I noticed going to the gym was hard on me, just as going back to square one: my muscles acidified faster and recovery took longer. That’s why I chose the active journey. Slowly building upwith the help of a trainer. At this time I trained once a week.

I remember finding it hard to put together a training of my own as well, because I was still finding out what I could and could not do, andI needed some help with that.

The workshops

In my last post, I told about the workshops that come with the journey. I already did a first training, the Gymball, Kettlebell, and Core. This month I was introduced to the Power Bag, Cable Cross, Device Circuit for Weight training and my favorite: Powerlifting!

Up until now, I’m in love with the Power Bag, Kettlebell, and Powerlifting. I have always loved free weight training and so it was time somebody would help me put together a little schedule for Full Body with the things I liked best so far and quite easy to do for me.

Since I almost never have the same trainer at the appointments I had to ask if one had some spare time to work something out for me. All though we haven’t had a sitting to do it yet, at least one of them tookthe time to write something out for me, for which I’m thankfull <3

Taking it up a notch

What I notice

So as you can see I did something else this month besides my workshops. I noticed more progress in my recovery each time. I still sour easily, but it takes me less days to recover from it. So I feel I’m ready to add an extra day to my journey. I’m training two times a week now instead of one!

How I feel

There’s also a difference in how I feel about going now. At first it felt like something I needed to do (which is absolutely true) but now I also feel it’s giving me something back as it did when I used to workout frequently: rest. I’m finally able to find my rest and relaxation in working out. A friend used the right words when he said that at some point you’re ableto shift your focus.

Add the sauna and a little swim and I’m a happy girl when I leave!

Also now I physically and mentally notice a change I feel less pressure to push harder when I feel I can’t. I make progress at my own pace and any type of going forward is now just forward to me and enough (:

By the time I’ll be updating on my active fitness journey it’s already a new year. How it flies!

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