From walking challenge to active fitness journey

From walking to fitness journey

A month ago I was full in my walking challenge to regain my energy and it worked out well for me. It gave me a chance to step out again, create some headspace and get off my arse. The struggle of a low battery is that you have to move to recharge, but you can’t overdo it, because you will run it out real fast.

Now a month later I’m happy to tell I felt fit enough again to take it up a notch. Not by walking an extra day, but to pick up my fitness in a brand new surrounding, which means I made a change of gym that most certainly is an upgrade. I will tell you why later.

Benefits of exercise and good sleeping pattern

This means that within two months I felt the benefits of slowly picking up exercise. Especially in the last two weeks, it has helped me to stay awake during the day, instead of just getting tired and sleepy afterwards, which has been a serious thing after my first walks. Sleeping and a ‘sleepy state’ at day can cause serious sleeping troubles during the night.

Staying awake during the day has helped me get control back over my sleeping pattern (with the help of light therapy) and therefore the way my body regenerates (as it should: at night). Sleeping at the right times, makes sure your body reserves energy at the right times during the day, making it possible for me to do things more easily by day, such as exercising. The circle is round no wand my levels can slowly go up from here.

Investing in my health with the right help

It’s a huge step to get back to your fitness rythm when you haven’t been training for a long time. For me, it has almost been a year. Besides different factors, in my daily life, I also didn’t feel comfortable anymore at my own gym after moving and it certainly would not be the place where I could get the best guidance to help me get back on my own level.

Training to fast like I was used to would only cause problems, training without a proper support wouldnt even get me in the gym, because most of the time I did not feel like doing anything, let alone getting to a place where I felt uncomfortable. A change had to be made and upgrading would bet he only way to meet my demands and if you really wanto achieve someting the right way, a bit more expenses sometimes have to be made.

That being said I’m absolutely satisfied with my choice. I rather spend a little less money on other things and 100% more on my health by making it easier to finish this fitness journey.

Changing to a new gym

At the new gym close to my home I have access to trainers with expertise and journeys with workshops (of about a year) to get you active, in shape or build muscles. Whatever you need, with an intake they have a look at your personal needs and the journey that fits yours.

The new gym is closeby as well and what makes is even more appealing is that you have access to a swimming pool and a Turkish and Finnish Sauna. So after working out (or even if you don’t), there’s the opportunity to find rest after labour!

In comparison with the former gym, it’s more sanitized, has real support and guidance, it finds mind to be as much as important as the body. Most important of all, I feel it provides me with a safe and comfortable environment where trainers and employees pay attention to their customers (needs), so it’s just not a compound stacked with training equipment.

My intake

Because of quite a chaotic year, I’m trying to myself back on my feet (and try again), but it also means I have been on the bench (literally sometimes) for quite a while and as expected it showed in my measurements. I gained almost 10 kg and have a fat percentage that’s obviously too high. When it comes to water it seems I need a lot more and so there lies another challenge on my path!

Besides weighing, we also discussed my goals and medical issues. Even though I am always busy it is important that I recognize that my body is in a recovery period and therefore has to slowly build up again with sports.

My fitness journey

Looking at my current situation and concidering the advice of the trainer at my intake we chose an active journey. However some workshops might seem simple because I used to fitness, it could be too much to train heavier. My recovery period is now longer and I’d possibly drain myself instead of going forward and building up energy and strength. Doing the Active Journey helps me to start exercising again at least once a week and I’m free to add more trainings when I feel I can handle it.

The workshops I’ve had so far are Training 1 (an introduction in fitness exercises and technique), Gymball, Kettlebell and Core. My next training is waiting for me on Wednessday and is going to be the Sand Bag.

What I notice

As warned my recovery period is longer, even than I expected myself. After the Gymball training, I had sore muscles for 8 days! Normally this would exceed to a maximum of 3 days. In between training, I’m able to do a cardio training or train another group, but not yet the exercises from a workshop earlier.

During training, I notice my core and arm strength have deteriorated more than the strength in my legs. However everythings been harder than they have ever een before and it feels like I’m starting from zero again.

How I feel

I know it takes time, but at times I feel like it sucks real bad that I can’t complete all excercises in the workshops. These are the moments I feel I definitely lost muscle power and it makes me wanna push harder, conflicting in my mind, knowing I should not push myself over an edge or force myself. But luckily most trainers I’ve seen until now, keep an eye on me and stop me when they see I get tired.

Not all immediately get why I’m not training more a week or take it up a notch during the sessions, which causes a little friction in my mind: do I really try hard enough? When a day passes and I feel the soreness I’m reminded that I do and that I’m more in search of balance and health than great physique currently in my fitness journey.

At the end of November, I will update on my progress!

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