As the crow flies..

Whoops. Late post today. Been on the phone with a friend for more than two hours. We just enjoy eachothers company, even by phone I guess! (:
So today I offered myself as a volunteer at a venue near my home to stay busy with my education and because I love doing what I do: work with music and events. If I want to get back to the entrepeneurs lab I’ll have to be enterprising anyways. Now I just have to wait for my intake!

As for the weird aspect of the day: I somehow got myself attacked by a crow when I was on my way to work. Not something I had put on my list, but hey, I gained a new experience. I battled a crow on my bike! That’s usually not in my daily routine. When I came home from work I felt the need to draw my encounter, because I can’t really transfer the experience by telling. It basicly tells you everything you need to know:

IMG_20150520_205409 (1)


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