Ass to the grass

Go deep or go home :’) just got back from the gym and I didn’t think I would be so happy to workout until I was finally there and just did it.
This time I convinced my brother to come with me and I realize how much I miss a fitness buddy! I had so much fun doing this together, we even made plans to cook some good meal tomorrow and continue to workout together. How awesome is that?


I was just discussing all this with bf and while talking I came to the conclusion that going to the gym wasn’t so bad at all, even after skipping weeks! Once you start you feel again what’s great about fitness and that you might even have missed it, wondering: why the h*ll did I quit doing this? I feel great!
Turns out my motivation isn’t as much of a problem as just putting those little toes outside the door. Going into the cold sucks. Yes, it does. Doing the actual workout not so much. I like the burns better than the cold :’)
Going with someone else made it a bit easier going out. So little bruh you are a keeper, muwhaha!
Beside a good help for my fitness goals it’s also nice to hang out with him some more.
So! Ass to the grass, or at least we are laughing it off.
I wonder what dish it will be tomorrow.

Selamat malam!


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