Assumption is the mother of all…

IMG_20150428_150118Went to the gym again, this time completely solo!
It feels good to keep up the good work on this bucket list activity!
Before you start reading, I’d like you to watch this video from Nike. Today’s about holding yourself back with your own thoughts. I had a good conversation about it today. Not just about exercising, but in general.

I often hear that people feel a little ashamed or scared when they walk into the gym for the first time and you know what? That’s ok. Feeling something isn’t right or wrong, it just tells you what’s important to you. Sometimes I still feel uncomfortable walking in the gym (I’m quite a perfectionst myself)! You may think you’re not as strong, fit or slim as the people around you. You may even feel being looked at.
Here’s what I recommend: all you just have to do, is observe and remember that your thoughts are interpretations / assumptions and that your feelings in fact are not facts. Then let them go and give a 100% during your workout (just as in daily life).
The point I’m trying to make, is that you’re the only one who can hold you back in whatever it is you want to do. If you’re busy with what everyone might think of you or what you think of yourself there is no space to actually enjoy and experience what you’re doing. It becomes a distraction and can even harm your selfrespect on the long term. Judgements and feelings are no facts, but they’re natural and everyone has them. The thing is: you don’t know if your interpretations of a situation are true – the only way to know is to test them and ask! – and even if they are, why let someone else’s judgements bother you? Those thoughts are inside their heads, making them feel something. They’re the ones who experience the negative feelings that come with those thoughts, no need to undergo the same experience, because you have the choice to let your assumptions go.

‘It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters’ – Epictetus

Did you know (I think you probably do) that worrying requires a lot of energy? Energy you might as well put in your workout or other activities! And besides: all you do, you should be doing for YOU.
Now this doesn’t mean you have to throw all your thoughts and feelings overboard when you experience an uncomfortable situation, not at all. Acknowledge you have them and return to the here and now! Judging yourself for having those thoughts and feelings will only cause you to think less of yourself and propably decrease your confidence and selfrespect. Ever said to yourself: I shouldn’t be thinking that, that’s stupid! ? What if I say I think you’re being harsh to yourself. Try to not judge that you’re judging. You don’t have to put yourself down for something that everyone does.
Get a grip on your mind with being judgement free, doing one thing at a time (so no worrying, just that what it is you wanna do) and focus on what works / is effective. Don’t focus on what should be, but what is. Accept that you may not be as far as other people, but do what’s necessarry to achieve your personal targets and be proud of yourself when you do!

So is assumption the mother of all fuck ups? That depends on what you decide to do with it 😉 It’s not a failure to have them.

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