Back in the land of the living: retrospect and prospect goals

I started writing last night, but I was too tired to actually type anything. BUT!
She’s back in the land of the living, people! Ofcourse after some extra naptime and a Magnum treatment of four days :$


The now slightly coffee addicted and sleep deprived Mo Zombie is slowly coming back to life. Will she still have her social skills? Will she be able to bear the sunlight?!

As you my have noticed I haven’t written a single word for the last… Well, I’ll be ***, it has been a whole month! Here it comes, though:


Taking some time off from blogging – and sponsoring my favourite Coffee Company until I got palpitations from the cafeine and stress in the meanwhile – has led to achieving the last goal I had set: making the june 20th deadline for my thesis.
A month of radiosilence with 80% chance of coffee and cake has been the longest blog-break I’ve had up until now, but I’m almost ready to stripe graduating from my bucket list!
Now I do not want to jinx anything so I’ll not be celebrating anything untill I have received that GO between now and the 27th.
And when I have that GO, I’ll be looking forward to my defence in August!

Whatever the outcome there is some ‘rest’ ahead and a couple of other cool things, one of them being my bucketlist travelitem: Thailand!  Within 7 weeks I’ll take off to my next adventure ^^ When I get back I may be going for my drivers licence too!
Yesterday one of my co-workers read to me her poem about having goals in life and enjoying the little things and I loved it! I told her that’s what I like to do too and it got me really motivated to write a new blogpost again (:
But these goals I mentioned lie a few weeks ahead of me now. More closer things are the Zoo tomorrow and something in the context of ‘learning’, which I try to do with my list and blog. This last one being a deal at work too..
Let me explain first: I constantly make deals with my colleages and up until now I have won a couple of dinners (a). Now one of my dearest co-workers decided to involve me in one for next Tuesday. So what is this bet?
Some of our colleagues are fasting because of Ramadan. So this dearest co-worker bet that if she and I can make it through a day fasting with them, they’ll take us out for dinner and the other way around too. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into this time. I’ve been around my Indonesian family during Ramadan, but I haven’t ever yet tried fasting myself.
Now for me it is not just about winning the deal anymore. I’ve been thinking about it and I’m actually curious what it is like. Even my 7 year old nephew does it.. What will I make of it :’) ? Let’s find out next Tuesday!

On the program tomorrow: Bokito, sharks and what more. I’m going back to the zoo!

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