Backpacking in Thailand – Koh Samui & Koh Tao

Taking a moment to relax during backpacking is always a nice thing to do. Especially when you’re almost at the end of the trip. Really got me in a good mood! And restored some energy to take a diving course here on Koh Tao!

Day 11 Koh Samui: My Cook(ie) Island

My second day on Koh Samui I spend on the beach again. This time covered in new bought sunscreen, my sarong, sunnies and a shirt. You could say I was butt hurt, since it was half red ?No, no more lobstering for me.

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Besides that I literally spend a fortune on cookies and chocolate to eat on the beach, in the hostel, when I was walking around.. Just for any time possible. Lady problems! Cookiezilla on the island. Hide your food.

Day 12 Koh Samui to Koh Tao: Scoot & shake your sea leg!

This was quite a day. I woke up early to check out on time. I already felt like I was in a hurry, because a diving instructor from the UK had talked me over into really learning how to dive on Koh Tao (conditions, prices etc.). If I really wanted to do it either Bali or Koh Tao would be the place to do it. So I had send an e-mail to a Dutch freelance company the day before and I had received message to meet them on this Monday at 5 pm if I wanted to participate in the new class of Tuesday.

Yes! I thought to myself. I’m finally gonna do it. I’m going to learn how to dive!! Whooo! I just forgot I had a ferry at 1 pm from Koh Samui, which would arrive at Koh Tao around 3 pm. Within two hour’s I had to find the hostel, check in, leave my stuff safely, pin money, find a way to get to the school on the other side of the Island and meet Soonie.

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Here’s how it went:

Because I already felt like I was in a hurry everything was packed by 10 am. Check out was at 11 am and the ferry at 1 pm. So I relaxt for a while and suddenly had the idea to join Robin and Puj to the Big Buddha.

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Ofcourse I dragged my backpack with me to be on time for the ferry. HOT AF. After two days not moving any muscle on the beach, this was quite a workout. But I made it on time and luckily I had booked my ticket in advance. There were people who couldn’t buy tickets for the boat anymore. It was completely full.

Once I arrived at Mae Haad it was way over 3 and I still had to find my hostel. Luckily the owner was so kind to give directions in the e-mail. Which would have worked if I didn’t arrive at the pier next to the main pier.
I completely walked in the opposite direction following her e-mail, while every cap driver wanted to get you in his cab now he’d seen you coming from that boat!

I stopped at a warung, what’s the thai word for it? Anyway, it’s a street food stand. Where the ladies were happy to help me out. They had no clue where they could find this hostel, but one of them took me on their motorbike and drove me around untill we found someone who did know where to find it.

From there I walked.. Almost back to the pier! The irony.

I arrived at the hostel, like three others did and had to wait my turn to check in. And ofcourse they took their time, but my time was ticking.. Tick, tock, tick, tock, almost 5 o’clock!

After explaining where I needed to go the owner did not see any other way than to drop of my back and get a taxi ride for 300 bath to get there in time.

Oh did I mention it was still extremely hot? The island had some trouble with their power supply and no place was cooled. Even the owner was sweating and sighing.

Anyway, even though it was quite a expensive ride, compared to what I’d pay for it in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, I decided to take that taxi.

But then the owner introduced me to her boyfriend. She said, Monica, no worry, he will take you. You, no worry, he’s a cop. So in his free time he gave me a ride on his bike to the diving center, but halfway it started to poor down for at least 10 minutes. The road began to flow and we had to wait till it was over.

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Nonetheless I made it on time, thanks to the help of friendly people here. Without knowing me they were willing to help me out without wanting anything in return. Just being kind is one of the most beautiful things we can do.

Instead of taking a cab back I walked back. So when I finally arrived in the hostel I was exhausted. I only went out for food, met two dive instructors from another company who said I made a good decision meeting the instructors of Buddha View, and then went to sleep.

Day 13 Koh Tao: Pushing limits

Woke up before my alarm and saw the three UK people butt naked in the bunk bed next to me. Hitting it off with a no-shame ***job and apparently according to the rest of the dorm no-shame *fill in here exactly what you think it is*
So I put in my earplugs and covered my head with my blanket. Scuba diving didn’t seem to be as scary anymore ? I came to Koh Tao to see other things of nature than this. Do NOT free your Willy at a 20-person mixed dorm, people. Just don’t.

At 6.25 am I woke up and got dressed to make it on time to the pick up point, Mae Haad Pier, where a truck from Buddha View would pick me up.

At the diving school I watched three course videos from a total of five and answered questions about the theory while at it. Afterwards these were checked by my Dutch instructor Luuk, who told me I did better then most people.

This is something that surprised me since I was so nervous about diving for the first time and I didn’t feel like I could focus (I mean could you really blame anyone after seeing what I did that morning?). It felt like I was making exams again like in highschool. Haven’t had that feeling in a long time! First test, no mistakes. I wonder what I’ll do with the theory of tomorrow.

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Eventually Soonie my other instructor learned me there was nothing to be afraid of. Once you’re actually practicing and just stay calm and listen, everything is gonna be fine.

I’m not gonna lie, for me floating (and with that properly handling my BCD and controlling my breathing at the same time) is a tough nut to crack. Besides that I seem to be orientated on the left side and grab things at the wrong side, even though I know it’s the other side?.

We did many different exercises like blow air in your BCD vest under water, clearing the breathing device under water, give air to your buddy, taking off and on the vest under water and on the surface and many many more things!

Even though I was really nervous I stayed in the water trying to follow Soonie as good as I could. With developing a new skill like this I’m pushing myself to new limits. And I met three new lovely girls!

I just ate something with some people I met in the dorm and now it’s time to rest.

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Tomorrow I’ll do the last two chapters of the theory for beginning open water divers and do my first outside dive at sea. Wish me luck!

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