Backpacking in Thailand – Bangkok & Chiang Mai

This Saturday morning in Bangkok I decided to immediately start backpacking alone in Thailand. Well.. Alone?

Day 3 Bangkok: Light feet at the market

Due to circumstances and knowing my colleague and friend Lieke had also arrived in Bangkok, we just had to meet up!

We agreed to meet at my hostel in afternoon, so before she arrived with her boyfriend I moved my butt to the neighbour’s who all had massage salons. I had the luxury to choose!

Eventually I had chosen for an hour foot massage for 200 bth and it was heavenly. Finally relaxed after a heavy night I waited on the porch of the hostel for my friends to come.

We headed out for late lunch, chit chatted about how traveling has been, plans, home and what not.

Afterwards we followed the man in our midst to a very luxurious mall, which he knew had these expensive cars. He managed to lead us into the building through the parking lot in the back where indeed loads of very expensive cars where parked at the “valet parking”.

We walked around the mall for a bit and then took the skytrain and an Uber to the Asiatique Nightmarket.

I had never used Uber before, but when it’s raining at night and there’s a lot of traffic in Bangkok it’s nice to have a back-up! We experienced several times that some taxi chauffeurs do not want to drive you on those moments of the day.

The Asiatique Nightmarket itself was not quite what we’d expected. It was not really a market-market.. If you know what I mean. We made a few rounds, ate something and then left.

Day 4 Bangkok: From the water to the sky

On Sunday we met around 1pm at Hua Lampong, the railway station, to go to the Talingchan floating market.

While I was waiting there I once again noticed that people hestitated more easily to make contact with me when alone. Probably again not sure about my origins ?

The floating market was not as big as we thought it would be. Woj had read you could at least spend half a day there, but we crossed it in less than 10 minutes. We wondered if it had anything to do with the referendum at the time. Alcohol too was prohibited during those days.

All though it was not as big, we had an idea of what it could be on the right day and it was absolutely a more local market.

A tour on a long tail boat was offered and we decided to take it since there was not much more else to do.

This time the boat tour was better than the one I did on my second day. We saw lizards, got caught in a fish feeding attraction (which was amazing to see, but the poluted water is something you rather not have in your face) and stopped by a temple.

Ofcourse I made things extremely awkward by entering the temple out of curiosity. The moment Lieke and I took our shoes off and stepped in, people were praying. So we stood in the back, silently watching. A monk invited us to pray, but since English is not easily pronounced by Thai we didn’t understand, so I asked the monk directly if he could tell us what to do, who started blushing and asking a Thai woman to help him out. She told us we could pray. Woj later said he thought it might not have been polite. I’m not sure though since there is een opportunity to chat with Monks here in Chiang Mai.

Later on we went to the Weekend market, driven by a grumpy taxi driver who got instructed by a policeman to get us there. He was probably not happy that he had to use the meter instead of arranging a flat fee.

The Weekend market was really crowded and looked like described, but already started to close down when we arrived. Normally it is open untill midnight, but probably due to the referendum they closed earlier. We had just enough time to score appropriate clothing for our visit to a skybar later that evening.

We visited the Vertigo Moonbar Skybar! Dressed properly we entered the bar on the roof of the Bayan Tree Hotel. Unfortunately again no alcohol, but a coconut worked fine for me!

The only thing I got struck by was the view over Bangkok and the lightning over the city.

Day 5 Chiang Mai: Beast Released

The next morning I had to wake up early to catch a flight to Chiang Mai. Not really happy about certain conditions the receptionist of the Good Day Hostel cheered me up and hugged me good bye. In short time we became friends. I love how that works!

On my way to the guesthouse I’m currently staying (funny thing it’s called Good Day) I noticed there’s less traffic on the roads of Chiang Mai. I even get around on my bike without dying. Also the people around are more friendly and open to travelers and even I guess anyone than the people of Bangkok.

The people of the guesthouse here spoil me with their humbleness (is that a word?). They insist on carrying my belongings for me, made sure my laundy was done and just are always happy to see you.

Feeling released from the tension I had in the morning I met up with Damian and Nieke who happened to be still in Chiang Mai and had a great time in the Pentatonic rockbar. Never knew 3 liters of beer fit in me.

As you see it becomes me, ahum*

Anyway.. I had a blast! Breakfast was at 5pm today. I believe that says enough?. Metal is everywhere and I love it!

For now I have planned to visit some temples tomorrow and go to the elephant sanctuary on thursday. I had to idea to visit Pai, but my belly is telling me to head to Koh Samui, where I’m planning to take the rest I need.
I’m the kind of person who decides where to go without too much of a planning. Skipping anything doesn’t necessarily lead to disappointment, because I’m not stuck to a tight schedule. I’d rather stay longer somewhere to enjoy the place more and better than to hop from town to town, just to have seen it all in hurry. Whatever I don’t make I can put on my list! Why do it all at once if you can visit again?

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