Baroeg Open Air 2018 – Submit and 10 years

10 Years at Baroeg Open Air 2018 by Jessica Santiago Lopez

10 years at Baroeg Open Air 2018 by © Jessica Santiago Lopez Art & Photography

It’s already Wednesday at the time of writing this blog, but I’m still recovering from last weekend where I had a great and sunny day at the annual event Baroeg Open Air! This 11th edition the free festival attracted nearly 10.000 visitors, highest count until now! Once again all the volunteers and the amazing organization deserve a huge thank you for busting their butts, especially now the festival had a bit more visitors than it could almost handle, but I have faith much has been learned and will be perfected next year!

Baroeg Open Air

Baroeg Open Air is organized by the Baroeg venue in Rotterdam for alternative music and so the festival as well as a broad range of alternative music such as metal, rock and punk rock, but also has it’s own electronic stage with drum ‘n’ bass for example and it has always been free of charge! The festival attracts it’s own loyal crowd from the venue, who will be there, rain or sunshine, to meet up with friends and other heavy music lovers, as well as new visitors every year and it has shown off with the 10.000 on this Saturday! These numbers are only something we could have hoped for after the first crowdfund the festival ever had to do, because of costs getting higher each year and a chance of skipping an edition because of it. But as said, Baroeg has one of the most loyal visitors (even worldwide) who put together a solid 15.000 euro’s and it made a pretty party with Rose Tattoo,  De Likt , God Dethroned, Fleddy Melculy, many more and a personal favourite of Submit: 10 years.

Check out the day in photographs by Jessica Santiago Lopez Art & Photography!

Submit & 10 years at BOA

Just like last year the Submit Fest Crew and I were present ourselves, but this weekend was a special one for the team as we not only came in contact with our crowd and musicians but may have witnessed an incredible show from 10 Years, who a lot of Dutch fans (and European) have been waiting for, for years! You can imagine how they were more than welcome and the team was very happy to host their first signing session at the festival of our hometown we love to be <3 It also was the first signing session ever at Baroeg Open Air and we hope it to be not the last, because it’s amazing to see all those happy faces of (new) fans meeting the artists behind the music.

New dates

We also announced the new date for Submit Fest as well at BOA and I’m happy to tell you it will take place at the 25th of May! But before it’s that time I’m looking forward to October where we’ll visit Euroblast and have our very first Baroeg & Submit Fest present on the 7th with progressive metal band Soen from Sweden and the Dutch supports: A Liquid Landschape and Hillsphere!

Have a listen here for Submit Fest 2017 – 2018, 10 years and Baroeg & Submit Fest presents!

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