Beauty day: time to relax and freshen up

Yesterday I had myself a little beauty day. I went to the salon for a beauty treament, visited the hairdresser and got some work done in between while loading up with hot coffee and a muffin.

Positive vibes

After last week it was time to take care of myself. Living without my cat buddy turns out to be difficult at times. I have a hard time sleeping in, cannot really sleep with the door closed and feel an emptiness in my room. Besides that, my best friend has a bit of a rough patch too, which I can’t help but take to heart. The situation won’t change itself, but I can change things for myself to bring more positive vibes into my day. And somtimes.. sometimes you have to be awfully kind to yourself and treat yourself good!

V-cosmetics Beauty Treatment

When I was in the city after my recital last week I walked by the salon of V-Cosmetics and couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the interior looked. I should really go here some time, I thought to myself. Cleary I haven’t wasted any time! Especially not after a coworker told me I looked washed-out and the pimples on my face screamed at me “b*tch, you better go!” :’)

I had an appointment scheduled at 10 am to start my day completely freshened! Before my treatment one of the girls kindly received me with taking off my coat and offering me some tea. Then Vera (V-Cosemetics, aha!) took me to the first for where I’d be treated. I layed down in a very comfortable seat wrapped in towels and blankets to keep me clean and warm. We all know what it feels like to be packed like a burrito in bed, so you can imagine this felt pretty relaxed.

The beauty treatment (face) itself consisted of cleansing, analysing of the skin, removing impurities, a peeling, a mask and day care. During the session I also received a lot of information about my skin, how to take care of it at home and standard misuderstandings. And believe me information like this is really helpful and quite nescesarry to take care of your skin the proper way. Well, if I wanna stay young the Asian way I have to. You know, I only have half the Asian powers!


I’ve been to different specialists before, but never really had the positive experience I had yesterday at V-Cosmetics and so if you’re looking for a place to go I would recommend it. The kind Vera, who happens to be born on the same date as I am, settled her business 7 months ago in the Centre of Rotterdam. Find out more about V-Cosmetics here (Dutch).

Coffee break

Doing a little work in between makes you feel less useless and more competent. If you do a small, but competent thing a day you will easily feel better. Do that thing you needed to be done, be kind or something that would make yourself proud. If you can’t cook, cook a meal or something. It will feel good, I promise.

I had some time so I worked on some things for Transient State, since their album will be released in 4 weeks! If any of you happen to be near Amsterdam or haven’t been invited yet, here you go! Be there or be square, you know the drill!


Balayage: sunshine in my hair

I use sunshine in a jar to get through the winter (vitamin D), so why not bring my appearance more to life and shine through winter myself :p!

I used to have long hair up to my butt, but at age 13 or 14 I decided to go for a pixie cut. I was extremely bored with my hair. Turns out that happens a lot! I’ve had bobs, fringes, blue hair, red hair, pink hair, purple.. I am sure I’m still missing a color :’)
For a bit more than a year now I decided to grow my hair again, but yes.. one color, so much  time. You guess it: boring. So after my little coffee break I moved on to the hairdresser!

I had this lovely girl to dress my hair. We was excited to help me out, since I didn’t really have a clue what it was that I wanted. Together we ended up on Bayalage. In the meanwhile my fellow Indo and I talked about food (both our favorite dish is soto!), differences in culture and family, work and traveling.

When the foils came out we were both happy with the color. I think she was proud of her work and she should be, because she spend more than three hours on this hairstyle and she made her customer happy. Thanks, Team Kappers Rotterdam! You never disappoint.




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