Behind every blogging girl..


Just got home from another great trip to another city, sightseeing like a tourist in my own country, eating delicious food and more food. Putting the bf to work taking pictures everywhere, anytime. Behind this blogging lady is an awesome guy helping her out working down her bucket list, taking her places, listening to ‘photoooooo, photoooo!!!’ all day. Even right now transferring all these pictures so that I can blog about my getaways (which I will soon do about two of them!), while his alarm will ring early in the morning.
I was all excited to blog about Amsterdam today and Maastricht last week, waiting for you to send me all our photographs.. That just now I thought to myself: you are one lucky girl to get you all excited like that, you know that?

So here’s to the guy behind the chick: thanks so much for taking me out everytime and being my companion (:

Lickspittle out! <3


Thanks Yinling for this one :’)

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