Breakfast recipe: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

Salmon and eggs

Eggs.. Don’t we all love them for breakfast? Poached, cooked, baked, scrambled eggs, you name it. All different ways to enjoy a food that contains nearly every nutrient. They’re high in protein and contain vitamins A, D, E and B’s. Another food you can wake my dad an me up for in the middle of the night is fresh smoked salmon. Fat, but the good kind of fat, namely Omega 3.
What better than combine these two for breakfast!

Scrambled eggs with honey and smoked salmon

For this easy peasy recipe you’ll need:

2 eggs
100 grams of smoked salmon
bit of honey
1 red onion (chopped)
1 tomato (in parts)
bit of oil

Heat a little bit of oil. I mostly like olive oil, but only had sunflower at hand. Don’t use too much. The eggs will soak up the oil and that would be a waste of a quite healty dish!
Fry the onions until they start to caramelize a bit and then add a bit of honey. Then you can crack the eggs and scramble them along with the sweet onions. When the eggs are done throw in the tomato parts and pieces of smoked salmon. I like it best if they’re no heated for too long, so your salmon won’t fall apart and the tomatoes won’t get too soft.


I recommend serving these with chives and even a bit of lemon if you’d like to. As you can see it has been freezing over here and I believe our chives haven’t survived the cold, because I could find any in the garden!


Eat them with some wholegrain crackers, bread or toast for some fibres! If you’re not really a fan of eating eggs with toast you can always search your kitchen for some veggies that would go well with these scrambled eggs. Don’t forget about the salt and pepper, ofcourse!

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