Bucket list tip: make your mother cry

No, really. Make her cry real good. I hadn’t put it on my list, but I can surely recommend it.

My mom turned 50 today! After weeks of complotting with my brother and20150509_093550 dad we did it, we made my mom laugh and cry at the same time.
We started pulling our stunts yesterday. In the morning my brother and I took her out for breakfast. She asked my dad to come with, but he insisted on not going with us. He told her he’d rather stay home. She almost picked a fight with him for being boring and not wanting to spend time with his family.
On our way home we came across a flower store (and believe me my mom loves flowers so bad I once called our home a jungle) and she tried to make some references to Mother’s day, which is today. ‘Oh, look floweeerss! Beautiful flowers! Almost Mother’s day! You see those flowers??’
20150509_104957When we arrived home she had no idea there’d be a bouquet of 50 white orchids ands roses waiting for her in our living room, bought by dad. It was a small starter, but it already broke her up. Her day was made and she was all giggly. She called some friends and family afterwards to tell them and to invite them over for her birthday next week. We told her it would be better to celebrate her birthday next week, because everybody would be busy with Mother’s day this weekend. Most of them 20150509_115613said they would take a look in their agenda’s, but would probably be there.
Then she and my dad went away for a couple of hours, so my brother and I could make some preparations for the rest of the day.
In the afternoon she was already busy with preparing dinner, but we told her my brother and I would take care of that. Maybe you’ve got one of these too, but mom’s and taking care of their families.. She’s just unstoppable! We had to break the news and told her to put the steak back in the freezer, because we were about to take her out for dinner. Excited all over again I took her upstairs to put her a nice outfit on and do her make up. And so we left for dinner. She thought it was a gesture for her not being able to 20150509_191750celebrate her birthday this weekend and we kept it that way. When our desserts were brought to the table, she was the only one without her dessert. We acted as if the waiter had forgotten about her, until a while later he came with a special one with little fireworks and stuff! As funny as my mom is she started giggling again and almost peed her pants. She didn’t expect anything anymore. Little did she know that this wouldn’t be the last surprise of the evening.
Around 19.30 we went home. We talked about having a quiet and relaxing evening and some things we needed to clean up. When my dad parked the car she finally noticed there was something odd in our front yard. It was a doll with grey hair and her face on it. ‘What?? Who did this?’ She started to laugh and got tears in her eyes, she didn’t want to step out of the car, embarrassed of her tears. We asked her to come out and take a picture with the doll my brother and I had put together. A few minutes of laughter later, she needed to go to the bathroom so bad, she ran in there and didn’t seem to notice anything off in our house. When she left the bathroom she went straight to the kitchen, but we took her back and walked her to the living room where friends and family were waiting for her to come home. They started singing and cheering and my mother could not stop crying for maybe 15 minutes. Hugging my aunt and burying her face in her chest.
When she calmed down we showed her the cakes I had made for her at my 20150510_112725work and made her blow out magic candles, so that took her a while!
The rest of the night she enjoyed everyone’s company and all the presents. As for today, Mother’s day, my brother and I made a special brunch and revealed our last surprise: a weekend away and a day of wellness.
We also wanted to make a call with her family in Indonesia, but due to technical issues that wasn’t possible. That’s for another day.
So! I’ve never seen anything more adorable than my mom crying of happiness and it made me feel happy too. When you have the chance to make your mother’s cry, do it and do it good!



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