Can I get another take?

Pfew! It seems today has been a day well spent. It was a great day full of embarrassments and laughter and I’ve been working on at least three bucket list activities since yesterday.
Yesterday I felt too tired to write a post and took myself some time off when I came home from work. So what could I possibly do that has to do with my bucket list?
Ehm.. I waxed my legs!  On my bucket list it says I want to have my eyebrows shaped, because I have never ever plucked my brows. It actually scares the shit out of me, since I’ve seen some people doing horrible things to their brows. No really, your eyebrows are such an important part of your face :/
So why wax my legs? Thing is I wanted to know what it would feel like, waxing. Second, I’ve never shaved my legs before too. There’s gotta be a first time for everything!
Ieeeeewww, you must think right now, you have never shaved your legs?!! Well, luckily I have so little hair on my legs that it is not even visible! But I sure do feel band-aids when they’re ripped off, so I figured why not try. You should have seen my face when I pulled the wax strips off. More scared than I needed to be, cutting my teeth and closing my eyes, but it wasn’t that bad. It didn’t even hurt that much! Would that be because I have little hair or?
I normally don’t spend much time on beauty stuff. Actually the passed 6 years I didn’t really pay any attention to it. Why now? It’s like smiling when you’re sad. It helps you take the edge of the negative emotion. It’s like walking with a confident body posture, it empowers you, and so can cosmetics. Your acts can influence your feelings and thoughts just as well, as the other way around 😉 If you’re interested, in this video of Amy Cuddy, I watched a year ago for personal development, she tells how your body language affects how we see ourselfs.

The second thing I’ve been ‘working on’ is making a difference for someone else. Today I helped out my best friend with making a video for her research at the Erasmus 20150507_125623University. I can’t really call it something I’m working on, because I’m always happy to help her out. And whenever we see eachother we have a great time! You can already guess 90% of the recordings consists of takes full of laughter, giggles and embarrasing moves, but we did get the job done! (it only took us the whole day :’D). We are definitely saving the bloopers. Also we found it necessary to make a ninja-like video.. Still wondering how that came out.
Is there any way to make recordings without peeing your pants? I’ve never been a hero at doing presentations, not even when nobody’s watching I guess. Note to self: put developing presentation skills on bucket list!

Sweat, sweat!

Last but not least I got my ass to the gym tonight! Here’s a tip: when you all of a sudden or always have a busy schedule plan your workouts! Since I’ve lost my fitness buddy I stopped planning my workouts and go whenever I think I have the time. BUT! When I don’t plan them in I think I have room for other activities and forget I needed time to go to the gym. Wanna work an extra day? Wanna hang out? Yes, yes, yes! Ofcourse, I’d love to! And then, late at night in bed: shit, when was the last time I’ve been working out?
It’s important to make room for fun things, but also for taking care of yourself. I plan my days rest, why not plan my workouts?
Oh, and about the embarrasing element in this bucket list item.. Ever experienced that awkward moment when you realise your panties are showing through your tights and everyone seems to notice? Yup.. Next time I’ll think of wearing the right ones!
Positive thing: I didn’t quit and put myself through it for the rest of my workout LIKE A BOSS!  Couldn’t do a do over with a new take this time! (Awkward gym moments every girl has)

Last thing I’ll be sharing with you: the view I decided to take in, in the context of mindfulness. It made me realise I was in a good mood and that I’m lucky with what I have despite the rough patch I’m going through. Accepting the positive and the negative.


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