Cannibal date

20150807_190405So, I cycled to the city this afternoon for a mini dinner date with a collegue after a day working on my financial check for the summer course.
It seemed I also had a date with this handsome guy on the right. Not sure if he knew he was probably eating some other bird, but who cares! We had a wonderful and short first date :’D

20150807_185044I chose to eat saoto soup, yummie <3 My mom her saoto’s better, but duh. It’ll always be, hihi. Must say it wasn’t bad, bit too much nasi putih, but it was served on the side, so good choice!
Afterwards we went shopping and couldn’t skip the bookstore where I just found the perfect item for the new purpose in my life <3It’s a gourmet scratch map and it surely fits my wish to eat something from every country 20150807_200412on my bucket list! When I’ve saved up some money I’m definitely going to get it and start my quest! How fun is that?! At first I wanted to maybe buy a scratch map for my travels, but I like this one better ^^

Tomorrow is another day of work again, so unfortunately I won’t be able to visit the Into the Grave festival, but luckily Cannibal Corpse will be playing the venue on Monday where I volunteer! So I am able to see them anyway. Gonna be a good one, can’t wait!



Oh, saw these two too. I like, I like <3 Barney & a motorcycle, what else xD


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