Can’t you see that it’s just raining..

Ain’t no need to go outside. I’ve had a rather lazy day today. It did not go as I intended. It’s still so warm, I’m burning up! Though, I haven’t gone through my day as planned, it was nice to stroll around in my shorts all day! It’s not often that I have a day off on saturday’s, so I left my plans for what they were and decided to see where the day would go.
The best way to start a lazy day is, ofcourse, with a full breakfast! There’s no need for lazy days to be unhealthy or anything, so I made banana pancakes! Couldn’t help, but to humm Jack Johnson’s song and yes, it was raining. No need to go outside ^^ I remember going to a show once, must have been at least 7 years ago!

All you need is eggs and banana’s to make the batter and some oil to bake them, easy peasy! They’re already so sweet and delicious, no need to add something else, allthough I ate them IMG_20150613_122159with some Turkish yoghurt, hmm.
I really love to cook and try out new recipes. Since my workouts haven’t been that frequently this week, I’m glad I’m still mindful about what I eat. It always helps me to stay on the right track. I actually weighted myself this morning and noticed I’ve lost another couple of pounds (: Makes me realize a lesser week in the gym is not the end or failure. It’s all about the mindset and awareness of the whole thing. I may have not spent much time in the gym, but I have literally cycled everyday to work and other places I had to be and was always aware of what I was eating.
Tomorrow is another day of work, but on monday I’ll go the gym again to try out this new workout I’ve been working on today. Excited to try this new routine for a while! I was actually so excited I tried some sets out here at home (banana pancakes for fuel!).
Later on I watched the livestream of Pinkpop festival for a while with acts like Dotan and Body Count. Also heard the Foo Fighters won’t be playing tomorrow, because of Dave Grohl breaking is leg earlier. Well, break a leg they said..
It’s a bummer for the audience they won’t play, but it seems even Dave Grohl can’t fully run on fresh pot’s only!






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