Complexity Fest 2017 & Transient State album release “Rearranged”

About 2,5 weeks ago Complexity fest 2017 took place at the venue Patronaat in Haarlem here in The Netherlands. Proud to have seen Transient State added to the bill as opener and of their effort to release their debut album “Rearranged” exactly one week later at The Volta in Amsterdam. Complexity fest 2017 Transient State […]

Fitness challenge 2017: From Sugababes to Powerpuff Girls – week 2

We’re in the second week of our summer fitness challenge and I must say we’re making progress! You just started out! What’s the progress? We’re warming up It seems we’re warming up really fast. Were we quickly exhausted the first couple of times during our warming up’s, now we are gradually getting used to moving […]