Challenge completed!

Hurraaaayyy! I completed a 30 day challenge: writing a post every day!
What new challenge should I do? Vote in the poll and feel free to add any ideas of your own, I just picked some standard ideas.
After a week I’ll look at the results and choose one (:

As for today I once more experienced that sometimes the solution to a problem is more simple than you think it is. Sometimes it’s just all a way of perspective. Creativity is not only about new things, but also about looking in the places you wouldn’t look logically.

IMG_20150517_195649I solved this one for a collegue of mine. I came up with three solutions in my guts knowing that the simplest one was the answer he needed.
Go ahead and try this one for today!

1 = 5,         2 = 15,         3 = 35,         4 = 55,           5 = ?

Oh, and as for food. I tried asparagus for the first time! Love the taste. It’s like a crossing between chicory and leek. Now, to start my relax night after a days work: a glass of wine!




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