Classic Quiche with leek, spinach and Truffel Brie

Quiche: pie, but for dinner

I have a lot of new ideas for more healthy dishes than this one, but look at that quiche! It looks pretty tasteful, doesn’t it? So before we move on to frozen yoghurt snack cups and alternatives for drinks, let us celebrate the smell of molten cheese and that comes from a freshly baked hearty pie.

I used to make all diffrent kind of quiches whenever I had leftover veggies or wanted something different for dinner than rice, pasta or potatoes. Red cabbage and goat cheese, great combo too! But two weeks ago I made a quite classic quiche with leek, spinach and Truffel Brie.

Truffel Brie Quiche recipe

1 Leek
Half a bag of spinach
A whole piece of Truffel Brie
Olive Oil with Truffel
200 ml of Crème Fraîche
3 eggs
Bit of salt and pepper
Nutmeg to taste
Puff Pastry for the bottom and sides of springform (I used 8 small sheets)

Preheat the oven on 180 degrees (Celsius). After you’ve done that cook the spinach shortly and chop the leek. The heat some of the oil and fry the leek and spinach together. You can put it away for a while in a bowl or something, but make sure there’s no moisture of the vegetables left. Let it drain! To complete the filling mix the eggs and crème fraîche with salt, pepper and nutmeg.


Take the springform and grease it with butter or use the oil, whatever you like best. Then put the puff pastry on the bottom and sides of the springform. Fill it up with the veggies and the egg-crème fraîche mix and put pieces of Truffel Brie on top. Bake it for +/- 25 minutes and garnish it with some sundried tomatoes!

All done!

Enjoy this hearty pie and be sure to check out my other recipes!



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