Complexity Fest 2017 & Transient State album release “Rearranged”

About 2,5 weeks ago Complexity fest 2017 took place at the venue Patronaat in Haarlem here in The Netherlands. Proud to have seen Transient State added to the bill as opener and of their effort to release their debut album “Rearranged” exactly one week later at The Volta in Amsterdam.

Complexity fest 2017

Transient State had the honour to share the stage with names like Humanity’s Last Breath, Agent Fresco, Uneven Structure, (personal favorite) Kadinja and more among with fellow Dutch talents MNHM, Pelgim and Extremities.

Right at the start Complexity proves to be a festival taken seriously, because before the doors were even opened people were standing in line to get in. It becomes the festival to have as much visitors inside for the opener of the day, meaning the crowd apparently trusts the organisation and values their opinion on the talent they showcase. This is what the Dutch Metal Scene needs in my opinion to get the talent this country has out there! If it ain’t Dutch it ain’t much I once heard.

Opening the festival

Transient had a false start due to unforseen technical issues, but didn’t make the performance any less if I may say so. According to Dutch Metal e-zine they produced a modern djent sound and the bandmembers cleary mastered their instruments. Left them wondering what it would sound like if they performed full strength! And I hope they’ll get that opportunity to show that.

Humanity’s Last Breath

Taking turns in manning the merch stand I had the chance to see Humanity’s Last Breath play again after I had seen them play at Amsterdam Metalfest, where they’d completely blown me away.
Unfortunately due to technical issues the guitarist could not be heard and the vocals weren’t loud enough, while the vocalist did his best to scream as loud as he could. It had a great impact on the whole sound, but the band is not to blame as they kept playing. The music didn’t come to it’s own, but nevertheless they did a great job and deserved a worthy applause.

Kadinja by Quinten Quist Konzertphotographie


Besides that I’d also seen Uneven Structures, who played a very good show (but not necessarily my cup of tea in vocals), I was impressed by Kadinja who released “Ascendency”. Their energy was too big for the stage if you ask me. Tight performance and a perfect balance of clean vocals and grunts on this tech/progressive music of which I can say it didn’t bore me at all. Not too nagy for my taste. I can be picky when it comes to “emotional” vocals. Pfoe, how do you give you opinion on music? You should have been there is how to put it :’)

If you’re interested as non-Dutchie in the highlights of Complexity fest 2017 check out the article of the Independent (UK).

Or if you’re more of a listener, listen to the Complexity Playlist! Ofcourse I added Transient State’s new album underneath!


Transient State album release

As for he official release show from Transient State I was happy with the crowd. Frank took good care of the bands and organizes more Metal Nights, so be sure to check what’s next in Volta’s agenda!

The first album has been received by The Prog Space as “a wide musical palette on offer and they know how to knit all the different parts together into coherent songs”, while Amped reviewed it as “full of energy” Read the complete review on the album and also their Complexity perfomance here and the article of Amped Up (Dutch) here.

Also if you’re interested in more on march 17th a new videoclip filmed and edited by Koen Videography will be released.

As for now you’ll have to do with these shots I’ve made from the release party or get your physical copy here.


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