Course to course

Whoo! Happy I’m home. I can use any rest I can get for tomorrow I’ll start the summer entrepreneur course! I really hope to learn a lot, meet interesting people and create a good base for my thesis. I feel a bit scared, but also excited at the same time, but if I think about it, it’s not that weird I’m a bit frightened by the idea to really make a start with graduating again after some hard times. I don’t have to make it disappear or anything, it helps me remember how important this dream, graduating and starting a business in doing what I love, is to me.
It’s not going to be about ideas anymore, but more and more about carrying them out. Hell, it’s what my whole blog is about. Not just dreaming and wishing, but making things happen: little by little.
Acknowledging what setting oneself free means.
Still looking for the one to change your life? Take a good look in the mirror <3

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