Curse you, stairs!

notFor I have trained my legs today.. It’s been a while, but I finally made some time tonight to do my new workout and I loved it! Untill I was done and had to walk down the stairs, the horror :’D.
When I arrived at the gym I smelled the scent of.. yeah, I believe it’s sweat, but I was loaded with energy and ran up the stairs, only to discover I must have been gone longer than I thought. It seems they’ve put the place full with devices where my beloved workout corner used to be 🙁
It was always so colorful and that really did something for me. I loved this location more than another gym where I used to go from the same company, because of it’s cosiness. Now it has turned as grey and chilly as the other ones. Luckily they moved the equipment to some other corner (which is also quite colorful), but the downside is that there are no mirrors to check my posture. I’ll have to blend in between all those groaning men at the other side of the gym where some mirrors are. Oh, dear, haha, new challenge found.
Anyway besides this, I’m glad I went today. It makes me feel good!
I finally purchased the striped bikini I was after since a couple of months. My mom took me to the city to buy some new clothing with me (thank you, x!) now that my clothing doesn’t fit me as good anymore. It’s a great feeling to buy a size smaller, allthough it’s a bit painfull to see my boobs dissappear. All the more reason to decorate them with that bikini I like so much!


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