National Park De Hoge Veluwe: a little big treasure


If there’s a place that never seems to disappoint it is De Hoge Veluwe, a national park, large in our book. Since corona and a political decisions took over our daily life it has become some sort of a standard issue for Jessica and I (my Submit Fest Co.) to visit the park every once in a while to stay a over a weekend. There aren’t a lot of places which make me feel like I’m on vacation but up until now next to a long beach walk on just any beach, this piece of nature does it for me. Connect to my own body, disconnect from work and the daily hassle and just appreciate nature. Which for me is important because as soon as I appreciate a beautiful piece of the earth, I start to appreciate the whole thing called life itself and feel grateful.

What we actually do at the park

We always walk and bike around and look our eyes out for animals. Actually in most cases I keep an eye out for my friend who is a dangerous cyclist (sorry Jess, but you are :’)) while see keeps an eye out for animals. This all could explain why she’s a terrible cyclist to begin with, but not having her make at least 3 accidents per hour isn’t half as enjoyable. It’s good fun :’). You can lend a free bike at the Hoge Veluwe park or rent one if you’re more of an e-bike person.

She did do a perfect job though, because she spotted a hog staring at us from between the trees. Of course as I turned my head it got scared and ran for it’s life. Better that, than this post being about us doing a Robert Baratheon. And nothing gets these two more excited than seeing wildlife.
There’s so much more to see it is impossible to do it all just in one visit. I’m actually thinking about signing up for a hike with the forest ranger (that sounds so intense somehow if you think of The Netherlands) once.

A Fellowship of two with sticks

On our way back from the Hoge Veluwe, we also passed Doorwerth where we took a walk around the ‘castle’ and its land. Really cool stuff, and lot’s and lot’s of walking. I’m telling ya no ideal when you have all your stuff with you thinking it would be just a small walk. Gandalf and Frodo here took our time with detouring by accident the second we were THIS close to our destination (** holding up my hand like playing the tiny violin close **). Adventurous and all we dragged ourselves out of the woods as if we just made it through all three Lord of the Rings movies to see the family with the kids of about 4 years old even catched up on us. We’re… a special kind of special.

I am definitely getting us walking sticks and binoculars now, because I’ll be leaving the 27 club soon and apparently having these are now very cool! You’d almost say my 20’s are over and I’m becoming comfortable in my own skin, almost ready to do granny trips and spot birds soon I guess :’D.

In other news

If you’d like to catch our dark side besides our happy tree trips but still need to see our goofy good fun, catch us at Baroeg gaat live, March 19th at where we’ll be doing a DJ set. And of course that is short for DJent. Ha..ha..

Xx Mo

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