Ever have that you’re so enthousiastic about something you’re going so fast, you just need to slow down for a moment? Well, I have. For the ones who read my latest posts, you probably know I’m all busy with researching and mindmapping and what not! This morning I came to the conclusion I’m on the right track, but also need to give myself a break once in a while.
I can work 6 hours in a row without blinking or drinking, while I also have my regular working days. Realizing this, I really missed my workouts (OOPS!) and felt I need to give myself a break now and then. So no more 6 hours in a row and if I’d really wanto, because I’m on a creative streak or my head just can’t stop making these associations or connections, then at least with some scheduled breaks.
There’s more than my education and future to take care of, my own body for instance!


So I started my day with cycling to my work, but with a detour! I had an appointment at the other side of town first. The weather was just as great as the view (meh! homesickness, wanto get back to the city!). After the appointment I went to the centre and enjoyed a nice latte and a piece of hummingbird cake at the Coffee Company, hmmm! Such a nice treat. I’ve got something with spiced foods and drinks, like spiced chai for instance.
While I took my time to drink and eat in the shadows of the trees, I went on reading that book from my bucket list from Chris Guillebeau and making some notes here and there. When it was time I left for work.
I really enjoyed cycling today. It somehow cleared my mind a bit and was relaxing. I only had attention for this particular activity and nothing else and this way I’ve had a bit of a workout too!
It sure did give me some energy (:



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