The demi-women playlist: an all female artist for all you Spice Girls

This last week has been a rougher one for me while I was cutting down on medication, but slowly I’m getting back to speed. In the meanwhile looking for something to do that makes me happy and actually helps me get my spirit up to speed as well. What else than putting together a playlist of women in their own power. So here I present my demi-women playlist with women I find make awesome music, lift your spirits or just should be heard because of their amazing talents, voices and stories.

Billie Eilish

I put Billie Eilish up in this list, because I always love her lyrics. You either feel the girls music or you don’t, but there’s no disputing the talent she has when it comes to writing her lyrics together with her brother Finneas, especially the age she started. To express these kinds of things, there’s just something there. The last single Your Power was incredibly, well, powerful to me. And maybe I know begin to understand. Minor abuse. That to this day and age this is still such a topical subject is heartbreaking.

Jessie J

Well what woman can then build you up when it comes to staying true to yourself. The acoustic version secretly makes my tear up every time. She has a most powerful voice and this song means a lot to so many people in so many different ways: coming out, depression, whatever. Now that’s the power of music for me if a song can mean so many different things to it’s listeners and offers support.

Ariana Grande

Such a voice coming out of such a small woman. I LOVE it. Am-az-ing technique. And what girl or woman doesn’t need a bit of confirmation of her daily spiritual strength and importance in this life, as well as female empowerment when it comes to our bodies. God is a woman.

Lady Gaga

Hasn’t Lady Gaga been there for all her little monsters, bringing out the best empowering songs since she began. When her latest album Chromatica dropped last year, I listened to it daily. She as well went to a healing process due to abuse, now a Free Woman. I added Stupid love to the playlist, because it makes me jump around like YASS. & nothing more healing than a song like that. Did you know the videoclip was shot entirely with an Iphone?

Alicia Keys

I aammmmmm, a superwomaaaaaan. That song, years ago, was my absolute jam, just like Woman’s Worth or Brand New Me. For this list I decided to put in Like you’ll never see me again from the same album. I always love the soulful vibe in her songs and this one reminds me another day here’s never really guaranteed. So try to be your best always 🙂

Dua Lipa

Well, if there’s an artist who can celebrate female empowerment it is Dua Lipe as well. You need to get over someone. Some ‘New rules’ might do it. For this playlist I chose the song with a nod to disco, which I personally love. I love the live version where everybody’s skating. That vibe!

Lana Del Rey

Queen of melancholy. I think there’s not an album of her that I haven’t listened or haven’t liked before. From Born to die to Norman Fucking Rodwell. I’m currently spending time with Chemtrails over the Countryclub. Lana for me puts the capital A in Artist. There’s always a layer to every song and clip, a cinematic touch as well. Nothing is shallow. For this list I put in Black Beauty, where depression is a theme and beautifully described.

Beth Hart

Am I the one. Have you ever seen her performance at Paradiso? Good lawd. Besides that incredible voice I mostly admire Beth for her strength in overcoming her issues with drugs and mental health (bipolarity) due to trauma and still being that badass singer who knows how to ‘blues’ she is today. And I think a lot of people can relate that creativity spawns from a lot of times and feelings of insecurity. Most of the time it’s exactly that what draws me towards an artist. The stories they have to tell. So all the while amazing artistry it sometimes comes with a bitter taste too. And it makes me happy even more to see how she is doing now.

Miley Cyrus (and Stevie Nicks)

I’ve never listened a lot to Miley Cyrus, but man, I’ve always loved her backyard sessions, which hopefully were the moments where she could be herself, truly. Her latest album Plastic Hearts and the backyard sessions of last October make me believe she’s finally gravitating towards something that’s really hers. Also becoming more herself, channeling Blondie and her godmother Dolly with her own flavor. So from her Plastic Heart album I took Midnight sky. Which apparently blends well with Stevie Nick’s – who has been a rocking queen for ages and supportive of other female artists – Edge of Seventeen as well. So I put that song in there as well.

Dolly Parton

There seems to be nobody more likable than Dolly Parton, writing and telling stories through songs since ever. Her songs also each have a layer to them, taking on taboo subjects (Down from Dover, the ending always makes me bawl my eyes out) , and herself being whoever she wants to be and embracing herself, teaching us all on how to do so as well. If I had Wings made it to this list. It’s not and old one but has the old bluegrass / mountain song feel it, full of sad stuff. Which make it so true for me.


I love BANKS for her style (electronic, synth, R&B, pop) and the themes she raises in her songs, one of which is also mental health and all human feelings. Goddess, a single from her debut album with the same name, is about becoming more confident after a relationship. “[the theme is] to be honest and to accept feeling strong at times, weak at times, fragile at times, empowered, sexy, scared, angry, aggressive at times. All of these things make me feel powerful and liberated to be able to write about […] I just want to highlight being human because every woman is a goddess and sometimes you can feel ashamed of being a human, and you just shouldn’t be.”

Diona Fox & Her Ragdolls (and Willow Mae)

I also wanted to add some women to the list from our own scene here in Rotterdam. Someone I really admire is Karin. She performs in different bands, tutors and works hard to do things herself in this industry and is a supportive spirit too. This woman gives me positive vibes and only for that I would just add her to the list. Together with artist Willow Mae, who has been working hard herself since the beginning of her musical career, which hasn’t been easy, but still stands tall.


When I used to work at Koekela years ago I actually had a little fangirl moment when she came by to grab a coffee. What makes me like her music and concepts so much? She once stated her whole being being a form of protest. Yes! This is a woman who makes herself heard and is constantly looking to merge all forms of identities (herself being Iranian as well, and knowing banishment and polarity), and I dig it so much. As someone with feet in a lot of different worlds I understand her desire. We’re just human with childlike desires, doing what we love to do, taking back the lead yourself, especially as a woman (and especially in the music industry). That’s why I put in ‘Oh my God’.

Aya Nakamura

What else do I have to tell you than that her album of 2018, has been the most played album that entire year :’). Her music makes me happy every single time. I love French Hip Hop in general, but none make me as happy and sassy at the same time as Aya Nakamura.

FKA Twigs

Actually the last video I came across from her tapped a little into my soul. After all that’s been going on and the movement that came along with it last year (BLM) I think this song, sung by an amazing performer and dancer (I was hooked since LP1) just says all people actually want to say. ‘Don’t judge me’, which also counts for FKA Twigs trying to share her story as a woman POC on abuse, hoping she’ll be believed.

Rachelle Ferrell

When my vocal teacher Maria introduced me to Rachelle Ferrell a couple of years ago it took my a while before I understood how underrated this woman is. What she can do with he mouth, using it as an instrument like any other instrument, is amazing. Just to show you what I mean, see the live performance of the song I Can Explain. MAD SKILLS.

Women of metal: Jinjer, Spiritbox, As Everything Unfolds

Last but definitely not the least. My fond love for metal can not just pass you by and these modern metal chicks have all of my respect. Tatiana, Courtney and Charlie are all powerful vocalists and show that ladies are f-ing hardcore and anything but inferior to their male colleagues and just be who and what they are.

When I’m on the stage, I try to encourage women, and not only on the metal stage — for any music. I haven’t felt oppressed. And I think women should go outside and do bigger things than just standing onstage and performing. There are a lot of things. Our voice matters. But, for me … I don’t understand what it is to be a female vocalist, though. If you are a vocalist, you are a vocalist, man or woman. You are a singer.” – Yes, thank you, Tatiana! (source: 2019, Beyond the Boys’ Club: Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer)

YAS LADIES. They’re all up in my list, but check out these one-takes + latest video from As everything unfolds.

Also, how cute is that kitty <3

Honorable mentions

I guess I have to make these some ‘honorable mentions’ as I have so many awesome female artists I like and that are up in the list.

M.I.A. – for being criticized on fusing hip hop and electronics, but still kicking ass like a Bad Girl.
Celine Dion – For staying true to whatever music she likes to make and not giving a crap. I kinda like that. Also, nice touch on the Deadpool soundtrack!
Joss Stone – Having soul and being an openminded spirit.

Also more of the obvious women: Melady Gardot, Whitney Houston, Robyn, Kyla la Grange, Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, Etta James & Nina Simone. On the last one I recommend you watch the documentary What happened, miss Simone? for a take on her life and talent.

I hope you enjoy my demi-women playlist. Curious on what I do in music. I wrote some down here, but I recommend checking out Submit Fest for the most up to date stuff, especially if you’re into loud noises <3

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