Devacurl Wave Maker product review: light and allright!

Devacurl is on of the more expensive brands when it comes to curly hair products, but the founder of Devacurl is also the inventor of the Curly Girl Methos and I couldn’t thank her enough for it!

Ever since I started with the method my hair is more healthy, shiny and less dry. The curls start to show better and look less frizzy when properly styled!

I always had a hard time managing my hair and wore it straight(ish). I never really thought of my hair as wavy or curly, until about a year ago when I strolled the internet and saw girls with the same frizzy structure as me tending to it differently. Aha! That’s why brushing always made it worse (0.0)

So I went from this, to this in about a year! The effort and products.. but so worth it!

Devacurl Wave Maker product review

You can purchase the Devacurl products from their website directly or through online retailers. What I mostly do is buy my products in an Afro cosmetics shop around the corner. As I said Devacurl is on the more expensive brands, because for a tube of 5oz you pay around 36,95 euros (in The Netherlands). I’m a lucky girl and got to try it from a friend! Ofcourse now the question is: is it worth it?

This is what the Devacurl product promises to do:

This light and airy whip, made with moringa seed and passion flower extracts, gives consistent waves and frizz control every time you use it. Plus, it feels like there’s nothing in your hair at all!


The way to applicate the cream is after your leave in or use of oil. Because I don’t have extremely curly hair I didn’t use a leave in this time. Creams tend to be too heavy otherwise. The advise from Devacurl is to scrunch your wet or damp hair with a nickel-size amount. Then airdry it or diffuse. I always chose wet hair, so the product can really get through all of my hair.


The product itself is very creamy, but also feels like it’s whipped, just as it says in the description. Because it’s so creamy it is easy to overuse and get greasy hair. Stick to the nickel-size amount!

Low or high elasticity?

The product is protein free, which is perfect for my hair as I have low elasticity.

After combing the cream wet hair, I plopped with a t-shirt for 5 minutes. Normally when I use gel it takes longer, but the light consistancy makes that it dries faster, which is actually a plus for me! Don’t you hate waiting with heavy wet hair? So it dries quicker than usual, but also gives it less shine than with the use of a gel. An extra styler would not be a bad idea to make it more defined. The cream gives my hair more of a out of bed, but needs no refreshing for volume look.
The hair stays soft and is not heavy at all, which I like, but also has more frizz. And when your hair is soft it tends to have less hold, but that is a personal thing. For fast and on the go it’s actually an ok product: dries fast, one action and looks fresh.


I wish to say it is, but unfortunately it isn’t the miracle product for the right price for me. It works allright, yes, but it’s nothing you can’t achieve with less expensive products as a regular gel or light cream in my opinion. In comparison to the use of a gel though it does give my hair more volume, because of the light consistancy. It causes my 2b/c hair not to weigh down. You can still touch your hair, because it stays soft, but therefore misses definition and creates more frizz. Frizz promise: no, nothing in your hair & light: yes. For on the road? Perfect, but a tat costly for a little tube.

I hope you find this Devacurl Wave Maker product review useful and helps you in your search to find the best products for your curly hair! More product reviews? Look them up here.

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