Dippety Do Girls With Curls Gelée product review

Dippety do girls with curls gelée

Sometimes you stumble across a little miracle when you’re shopping as I did about a week ago when a pink pot of Dippety Do Girls With Curls Gelée caught my attention. After working out and relaxing in the sauna I was in the mood to stroll around the TK Maxx to find me some hidden treasures. I love looking around the shoe, home en hair section. It seems I was right to do so!

So in this article, I’ll be reviewing the Dippety Do Gelée and tell you why I find it such a great buy! In addition to his article I’ve also made my first video reviewing the product to give you an idea on how I used it and how I normally style my hair.

So if you can watch the video, read the article or do both! Can you hear the accent? :p

Dippety Do Girls With Curls Gelée product review

Dippety Do is a Canadian hair product brand with a focus on four different product lines: Girls With Curls, Dippety Do Man, Original Dippety Do and Color Boutique.

The product I’m reviewing today is from the Girls With Curls line and is a styling gel. This particular jar of 11.5 oz I bought at TK Maxx by accident for 6 euro. After doing some research I noticed I can not buy it elsewhere in Europe than London, which is not quite around the corner for every curly, or online via Naturally Curly or maybe Amazon, which means SHIPPING COSTS!.

-1 on the scoreboard. I’m sorry Dippety-Do. Although I have no insights in your resources, I think you might be missing out on a large group of Curlies that work CG friendly, because this product is! (This is my personal disappointment speaking). Almost every product we know is an expensive one and if I’m to believe your US & Canadian Curlies this is a top product when it comes to drugstore products.

Important to know that not the whole line is CG friendly, for as far as I know you can use the mousse and gel. If you’re a CG soldier girl, stay away from the shampoo, conditioner and creams with silicons and such!

Back to the gel itself!

On the package, it says to help you to “shape, smooth and separate your curls, with aloe, Vitamin E and wheat protein to help eliminate frizzy texture and kinks for soft, silky and healthy-looking curls and waves.”

Styling tips are: applying on towel dry hair and scrunching.

Read on to see if Dippety Do makes true its promise!


The product says to be for curly and wavy hair and makes no difference in application. Personally, I don’t towel dry my hair, as most curly girls do, so I applied the gel as usual on soaking wet hair. I prefer to scrunch out the extra water with a micro fibre towel or cloth after plopping for 10 minutes and possibly if needed add some more gel then. Both techniques work! To maintain frizz free hair I sometimes do both but be sure to look if the extra product is not going to weigh your hair down.

source: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Dolores_Umbridge


The gel smells sweet and delicious when you open the jar and looks as pink as Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. Only downside: this means perfume is quite high up the ingredient list.

Super ultra girly, but that does not matter as long as your hair is fine! The consistency itself is like a regular gel. Not as thick as ECO Styler, or as jelly-like Kinky Curly Curling Custard. It is light, but not watery or sticky, which made me believe on forehand that it would not weigh my wavy curly hair down. I say, plus!

Low or high elasticity?

For a while, I avoided protein because I had low elasticity hair. After a year moisturizing my curls like crazy, I can finally add some protein to the mix and I prefer to do that with a styling product to not overload my hair all at once. It’s the best way for me to check how my hair is reacting to the protein. In this gel, you find hydrolyzed wheat protein and aloe vera. If you’re extremely sensitive to it, I would not use the gel. As it is not too high on the ingredients list, if you have medium elasticity I’d say go ahead. Normally my hair couldn’t stand aloe vera, but with this small amount, it seems to be doing just fine.

What does it do to my hair?

I can honestly say that the product left my hair without frizz, shiny and incredibly soft. After air drying and scrunching out the bit of crunch it gave my hair felt incredibly soft and not sticky at all. I wish it would have more hold, but I can’t note this as a shortcoming, because it doesn’t promise you to start with. It promises soft and silky curls or waves and so it does. It gave me a soft wavy hairstyle!

Even after sleeping my hair stayed soft and didn’t have a lot of extra frizz. Instead of refreshing it I put in some extra gel to smooth the frizzies and I liked what I saw. A second time I added some mousse for hold to see what the outcome would be and in combination with the Jane Carter mousse I got the hairstyle I was most content with.


Dippety Do Girls with Curls Gelée is a top product for its price. It does as it promises and works well with extra mousse and it shows us a drugstore product does not have to perform less than expensive CG friendly brands. The downside is that Dippety Do doesn’t distribute in the rest of EU, which I’d love to see happening! I also think it would be a great product fort he wavies since it’s light.

I hope you find the information you need in this article. Feel free to ask your questions or leave a comment. Good luck on your Curly Girl journey and check out my other reviews to find your favourite product!


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