Dolly the Beermister in Paradise

Another great day in paradise. Doll here, as every girl is called, besides love and babe, woke up at 6 this morning to go on the passions of paradise tour, meaning: I’ve been to the reef!
My friends and I first had to check in at the terminal where of course the lady behind the desk experienced some trouble concerning my family name. When I ask people to pronounce my name they come no further than bjurmister or beermeister. Especially the men seem to have fun with the last one :’)


So around 8 the dolly the beermister set sail to the first reef location The further on to the ocean the colder it got and the harder the wind began to blow. The clowds became darker and the sea a bit more rough (clearly I do not possess sea legs). More than a half of the people went inside and I got really excited (in silence of course). Would this go well?
When we reached the first location the weather luckily got better and it turned out to be moderate conditions to snorkel.


I haven’t got the opportunity to transfer the photos from my underwater camera of both of the spots to a computer, so you’ll have to do with these!

The second location was an island with protected birds, who at the moment we’re breeding! I’ve seen eggs and little birdies being fed, too cute


Supposedly turtles live around the island, but we haven’t seen any. Pity for my friends who have never seen one. I was lucky enough to see lot’s of them at the turtle bay in Egypt two years ago.
We did see a shark, though! It was the kind that can crawl back to the sea in case of low tide. They hide in the coral reef that lies dry with very low tide.


Did you know by the way that Nemo’s father is actually a woman?
In a group of clownfish the woman is thé, very dominant, boss (duh) and only mates with the most dominant male. When the woman dies, the dominant male in the group turns into a woman. What now? Yes, they can do that without surgery, people, unlike us. These clownfish happen to be magicians too, whoa! This new dominant woman then will mate with the most dominant male etc.
Orrrr…. In Nemo’s case: the only one that’s left.
So lovely little Coral gets eaten by a barracuda, so now Marlin (that was his name, right?) transforms into a lady fish to eventually mate with the only male left, his son! My god, what a family drama. I’m so sorry Nemo.


So back on topic, my day has been awesome! On the way back I slept on deck in the sun and really enjoyed the last part of the two hour ride back when they actually used the sails. Guess the wind has been good for something! 😀

To end the day I bought some Tim Tam’s as suggested by my yolologist, Yinling! Thank you, by the way. My healthy lifestyle is now ruined forever. My god, I love these


Got to go! Tomorrow it’s time for cape tribulations and crocs. Packing my stuff, because I’ll leave afterwards to Townsville!

[photo edit]

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