Don’t trip over rocks, trip over pearls

In the train after school, happy to head home

Busy, busy days, oh my! Yesterday I spent the day joining in a project of design, illustrator and photography students as part of my final project (thesis) course.
Afterwards I bought a new sweater now winter finally seems to be coming and before I knew it I ran (my first) 3km with my brother to release some tension and the evening was over.

Running with my brother

Today I started my day early with singing lessons, which are on my list, and then moved on to the Coffee Company to work on the reexamination of my proposal and then straight on to work . Meanwhile planning a trip with bf to Thailand instead of Japan and onconsiously run that thesis and all the issues coming with that over and over in my head. I just arrived home and am preparing to leave again early in the morning tomorrow for the same project as yesterday on location in Amsterdam.
It seems the days go by just like that and there’s no room to breathe. At this particular moment I miss blogging frequently and taking some time everyday to evaluate what I’ve learned and take that step back to become consious of what I feel (to decide what works and doesn’t for myself).

Tonight I won’t go out to fitness, I’m already running around (figuratively speaking).
Tonight I’ll think about what my singing teacher said this morning: don’t trip over rocks, trip over pearls.
If things do not seem to work out the way you planned or thought they would don’t trip over them like they’re problems. Embrace what’s happening and imagine what beautiful thing could be in it.
Maybe it’s me realizing on time when I need to take a step back. Maybe it’s me realizing that being this busy is not all bad, maybe I’m just busy reaching my goals?

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